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May 23, 2012


I fail epically at remembering to put sunscreen on my easily burnable skin. As summer progressively creeps upon us Utahns this year, so does my random urge to draw with chalk, wear short, unflattering shorts, run around the University Mall like a maniac, and run until my shoes come apart.

Weather has been odd lately. Just Monday it was 90 degrees and I thought I would have died from heat exhaustion. I longed for the coolness of winter. Then today comes along with stormy clouds and cold winds, and I immediately wanted the hot weather back.

Currently I'm suffering with the dramas of Rhinitis, or as you normal people like to call it: head cold. I know it's just a simple cold, but every minute it wears on I just want to strangle myself or replace my head with some other healthy head so I won't have to deal with this.

The most bothersome part of the cold is actually the sinusitis. I hate having to be constantly active in order to keep my nose clear when I'm supposed to be sitting still in class. The longer you sit still, the more time your swollen mucus linings have of multiplying and slowly seeping through the nasal conchae to clog up your air passage.  You would think you could just blow it out and it would all be fine, but that little microzombie (aka VIRUS) that possesses your epithelial tissues is reproducing faster than you can grab a tissue.

Today is my only day off from working this week, so I have to use this precious time wisely, but instead my body decides to let undead organisms in and weaken me for a good three days. Do you know how frustrating it is when you have so much do to and you have to suffer through the headache and nose in order to it? I would have been fine in doing it on a normal day.

Apparently you can't just plug your nose and breathe through your mouth the whole time. At one point you need to swallow that accursed saliva.

I keep telling myself I have to take more pictures of my life so I'm not lacking in adventure when I'm older, but when I tell myself this, I am sorely reminded of my half-broken camera from the early 00's, and then the dream fades and I shuffle enviously through other facebooker's sophomore year photos. Even if I tried, my friends would all be so afraid of the camera, and it would sadden me even more. That is why I am planning on getting a car this summer, saving up some money, buying a camera, and dully documenting all of my junior year, or at least when I can remember. That way if my friends don't want to be captured on camera because they don't look presentable that day, I will teach them to look presentable every day so they have no fear of photos and facebook. It's full proof.

I drew Rapunzel from Tangled on my driveway, only to have her half washed away by the sprinklers the next.

The thing with drawing huge pictures on a slanted driveway is the face that when you stand at a certain angle, some parts look bigger than other parts when they really don't. It's perspective. That is why optical illusionists are successful when it comes to chalk art. I have yet to learn something like that, and when I do, I probably won't be very good at it. So I'll just stick to drawing simple figures.

I'm planning on drawing something else when I know my fingers are completely healed and I have time to do it. When you draw with chalk, to get that smooth, solid look with the color, you have to blend the chalk dust into the cement. It's very rough on your fingers. I've basically rubbed three of mine raw from doing Rapunzel in one sitting. (And I used up all three of my yellows :[ Which is very sad.)

I really miss seeing my Superman chalk drawing. He was the first legitimate drawing I've ever done, and he turned out amazing. But lo-and-behold, there's always something new to draw.


  1. Have you ever thought of becoming a chalk artist? You are simply amazing at it Mindy! And I know how your fingers are feeling, I've been there before, trying to shade in a drawing with chalk, my fingers actually started bleeding once. The things we do for art!

  2. You people ought to put your name down so I know who the heck is talking to me. But yes, thank you! :)


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