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Jun 30, 2015

Video Games as a Poison

Have I ever written about my distaste for video games? Now don't get me wrong, Brody has actually gotten me to play Lego Harry Potter with him which are some of the only games I will ever really play aside from Kingdom Hearts. But those aren't the kinds of video games that I have a distaste for.

The Call of Duty, Halo, Shoot 'em up games is a good example of what I mean. While I don't see the point in general, I also see the affects it has on both my young brothers and my close friends. Video games, in my eyes, instills a sickness that I had never realized could exist until the generations became more and more video game savvy. It started with my family, with Tyler's aggression after playing a violent video game, his name calling, his dishonesty, everything. I saw David's inability to live without playing the video game for even an hour through his laziness, and I saw Ryan's passive-addictive behaviors around it.

Then I realized my friends were subject to it as well. Throughout high school I saw them bring their Nintendo's to school, their Gameboys, their cellphone games. I thought it was odd that they had to do that at school, but what really hit me is when I started dating Brody and Payden and Kaden that video games started to become an actual social event. The normal conversation and loving interaction was lost with the sucking void of the TV and the pretty colors it could produce.

It's so weird to see the glazed over look they all have when they play those video games. I feel incredibly left out around my friends when they are playing games, because I have no interest in it and I don't understand it at all.

Like I said, to me, it's a poison.

And I've seen so much of this. And it frightens me for the future of our peers.

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