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Apr 14, 2011

This is Finally It

Last night, my family and I dropped by to take a look at a house. As we went, I was thinking that it must be this house, if Dad was taking the whole family to see it. Earlier that morning he had told me that we have been approved on a house, and now I am very excited. When we took a look, the first thing I noticed was the kitchen, and to be honest, I really liked it. The jutting out counter that acts like an island, but is still connected to the counters is long and satisfying for a girl who likes to make cookies and cook dinner every once in a while. Our table will fit evenly in the area set aside for the dinner table, and it overlooks the family room that is just two steps down into a very nice opening. Laundry room and downstairs is towards your right when you walk into the family room, and when you descend the stairs, there are two bedrooms and a bathroom down there. When you go up the stairs that conjoin next to the front room, right before you enter the kitchen, there is a bathroom and three bedrooms upstairs: the master, and two little rooms. The bedrooms aren't settled quite yet, but it will work out. We'll be moving (maybe) during the first week of May, maybe a little bit before that.


  1. Yay! I hope it happens for real this time!

  2. Aren't you reading? It IS for real. FOR REAL FOR REAL!!!

  3. Dagwood. At least you aren't moving too far! Wait, do you know for sure if you are going to A.F. High yet? I really hope you are....Well, I hope you'll be happy with your new home! I love you to the MAX!!!


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