Hey. I'm amazed you've stopped to take a peak! I'm sorry to say that my blog is full of negative, atrociously positive, philosophical, or otherwise stupid posts concerning my thoughts, feelings, and every day life. But what the hell! If you think it's great, then I think you're great. Got it?

Feb 8, 2013

Draw Something...anything...maybe my lack of thought.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She was unaccustomed to the motion of relationships and what's to be expected from them. So she went on last night and looked at dating tips.

Oh the embarrassment. Oh the shame.

I found out quickly, actually, that I've done everything they said to do and only subconsciously. Just goes to show how awesome and instinctive we are as humans.

Enough about that. I'm already sick to my stomach with the thought of typing more mushy gushy crap about my love life here. (And I've only done it at least twice!)

No, see, I come here today to write about a more important topic. A topic of which has yet to come to mind. As you can see, I'm really just ranting right now.

Okay, actually, I have nothing to write about.



I wonder how many people read my blog? I don't normally bother with asking that question, but sometimes I get this curious streak in me and it about kills me with worry. (You see, the wrong person could read these words, and then my life would be over.)

You know what's fantastic? That Draw Something game. I LOVE IT!!!

Feb 2, 2013

I can't concentrate on anything because of him

It's hard to put into words; that tightening of emotion you can feel deep inside your stomach.

I mistook it for nausea.

But now I realize it only happens when I see him.

I can't say I'm in love, but I know I'm getting there. My last post explained my doubts about a future with him, and oh how wrong I was.

I make him happy. He told me so himself. The happiest he has ever been, and I made it that way. My presence helps him to fight his insomnia. We kiss, we hold each other. He makes me happy! There are moments when I'm driving home alone and I picture his silly expressions and a smile so big stretches across my face.

I like to listen to his heart beat. It means he's alive and healthy and real, and that I'm not dreaming this. When I hear his heart thump in his chest beauty only comes to mind.

It's soppy and gushy, I know, but that stems from my love for the human body and how beautiful I find the human heart to be. And the fact that I have his heart all to myself excites me.

His lips are very soft. He uses Burt's Bees chapstick, and I can smell the fresh peppermint when he kisses my forehead. Sometimes my lips share the fresh tingling the chapstick offers.

I need to stop this.

Because now I miss him even more. Obviously. I wouldn't be writing a sappy blog post about my love life if I were to currently be with him. How silly of me would that be?