Hey. I'm amazed you've stopped to take a peak! I'm sorry to say that my blog is full of negative, atrociously positive, philosophical, or otherwise stupid posts concerning my thoughts, feelings, and every day life. But what the hell! If you think it's great, then I think you're great. Got it?


The Prosecutors
Frozen, in front of the critics;
Judgmental bastards--
Far from opening their minds.
Cant hey see through the facade I wear:
My careful mask of purity?
Joining soliloquy by right, a desperate
Cry for acquiesce;
a burning sense of appraisal by day
Becomes the only front.
Endless flashes of threatening despair
Overwhelms the scores
Bound by disillusioned accountability.
Alarming and confounding is such
That my affairs be uprooted
by them.
Quaint is their desperation
To coddle my soul back to the equitable road.
Yet I ground my lines and
Spurn their pleas;
For what they conceive as adrift
Is but only my progression.
And yet, a minority by default,
I am frozen before the

Then That Moment
This was one of those nights
Like the ones you see in 80's movies
We were aware of the faint chill
But I had my jacket,
And you your leather coat.
Kenny Loggins sang to serenade us
As we looked out across the valley
Your arm around me
My hand in yours
We sat in content silence
Awed by the majesty of the view
Up here, it seemed, we were gods
It appeared so easy to pluck
A cluster of lights from their perch
Then toss them into the sky
We could paint the horoscopes
To our own design
And while we rearranged the stars
While the lust built and built
Our Hearts, it felt,
Could beat in time with the moon's
Bursting light
Then that moment,
The only minute:
Your lips brushed against mine
Fueled from the romantic night
We expressed the love we felt
And high on that hill we knew,
We bathed the world with bliss
Because as gods
We can move the universe with a kiss

Stars Don't Fall
Storming clouds pull in above
Pooling floods attack below
Quaking rocks tumble before
Peaceful times drown behind
No where's safe
No where's warm
The fear and hate surround the din
No where else to go
Too late
The world is ending now

No more rosebuds
No more sunlight
Music and smiles and hope
Don't breathe in the ash
Don't touch the molten death
Fire and soot and pain
Nothing more
No where else to go
Hazy fog pollute above
Stone wild infest below
Steaming heat approaching before
Starts Don't Fall way up above

Rosebuds glisten
In the cold morning frost
Sunlight warms them
And the dew drops are lost

Jack Frost strikes
And the flowers all cower
The chill hardens all
And they cave from the power

But starlight will mend
When the winter grows too much
The streams will trickle
And buds will welcome your touch

Dear Cindy, dear Aunt,
Your passing is merely a stage
For us it is winter
Death holds us in a cage

Summer has come
For you won't accept another
We'll laugh and sing
And we'll never grow apart

So rest, love
And while we are near
Note that your beauty
Will never dwindle here

Your kisses are strong,
Passionate, longing
Your lips burn with the
Lusting for my heart
We stand facing the other
The minutes flooding past.
Shaking fingers,
Carressing skin,
Our emotions growing hotter
Don't let go,
Held so close
We fight to have control
The smell of you
Stirs my soul
So what to do but
Desperately pull you here?
Melt my lips with a single kiss
And I'll dream of you tonight