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Nov 1, 2012

The harmonious ring of teenagerdom

There's this guy in my English class. His name may or may not be Trace Ingram, and he's pretty damn attractive.

But it's not his handsome features or lovely eyes that get my attention. It's the fact that in the few times we've spoken to each other, I learned that he has an interest in anatomy and physiology like I do! He even showed me this cute little ipod surgery game.

He's so perfect.

But he clearly is into Sam Matthews, who sits in the same aisle I do. They make eye contact all the time, and a week ago she and Trace were pretty much acting like they're a couple, so I figure, oh well. I'm sure he's mormon too, as well as a football player. There's no way that someone like me could ever have a chance.

I know, that little phrase was a total cliche. Who cares? It's the truth. Whenever he's there in class, I can't ever concentrate. He looks at me a lot, so I'm paranoid all the time when I'm not looking at him. I constantly make sure my profile isn't facing him, because I really hate my profile.

Contradicting, however, is the fact that I don't want anything to ever happen between us because I can only imagine how much drama could be associated with it. And he probably wouldn't be accepted by my very...biased and judgmental friends.

There's also this other guy in my US history class. His name is Parker, and he's a very quiet person. I mean, I almost hardly ever hear him speak, but he's handsome and mysterious and something makes me want to be his friend. He took the same bus I did last year and I got on the first stop, he got on one of the last stops. So peculiar...he always made eye contact with me every morning. It could have been unintentional, but it happened, and it just has me so fascinated.

Then there's Halofom. Hal, for short. I always pictured Hal to be an old cowboy's name or something, but Halofom is in my journalism class. We make eye contact a lot too. He's obnoxious sometimes, but very sweet when he talks to me. He even wanted to try shooting paper into the trash can with his left hand, failed, and looked really embarrassed afterwords. I was his editor for a month, and he listened intently to anything I would say. I really like him.

All of these guys...I'd love to go on a date with, but never just pair up and call it 'boyfriend'. I don't want to have to deal with any heartbreak associated with relationships right now. Tyler's going through it slightly with Ryan because Tyler's sister and I both think that Ryan's taking advantage of Tyler sexually and already had given him an STD. I know, very blunt, but true. Very very true....Sigh.

If only boys would be braver and more willing. :(

This is why I can't wait for college.


  1. Our journalism is filled with good guys I guess. I've got a thing for someone in there too.
    And I enjoy how blunt you are, just so you know.

  2. Janelle speaks the truth! I always hide secrets within the dusty walls of my blog because I'm semi-afraid of judgement and other crap, so people probably don't enjoy reading my blog all that much. So yeah. You are awesome, Mindy. (Also, remember that sketchbook you gave me for Christmas in 9th Grade? I still have it. And I'm going to start drawing in it again. :D )

  3. YAY BRETT!!! :D

    And I REALLY have to know who. >:)


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