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Jan 5, 2011

The Absurdities of Obsessions

So I figured I'd just tell you readers something very very important about myself. You must know that I am obsessed with music. I have officially made my obsession "Repulsive Music Spasticism" or "RMS". Let's just say, I worship youtube. Worship Worship Worship. Like the Ewok worshiping. Yeah. It's that bad. Now, let me tell you WHY I'm RMS. 

Once upon a time, I discovered 30 Seconds to Mars on my parents' iTunes account. I listened, I liked. End of story. My very first song I heard was "From Yesterday". Well I got curious and went onto youtube (A mere tyke for me then). When I watched the music video, I didn't understand anything. I got the lyrics. I still didn't comprehend, but I sure as heck liked that music. I sure as heck liked that singer. I researched the band. Found out his name is Jared Leto. I went back to the music video and watched it again. I got lost in his eyes. I mean it. His eyes. He has such dazzling, sparkling blue eyes. They are so blue.... (Sorry! I'm ADD)

So I suddenly had this huge celebrity crush on him. I found more songs. I listened. I listened. I LISTENED!!! I got more songs. I got more songs. I GOT MORE SONGS!!! Soon, I was hyperly jumping in my seat, freaking out because I was in love with Jared and his band's song. (I learned he had a brother named Shannon. A girl's name?)

Okay, now is that hot, or is that SEXY?!?! Of course he is. He's so so so so so so dreamy. I'm in love. I'm twitterpated. I'm everything that has to do with blind love. He is an actor. A singer. His voice is so smooth and manly. HE is so smooth and manly. I only wish I could meet him and get to know his personality.

Whoa wait a minute. I'm off topic. That's quite expected when it comes to me. Forgive me. Anyhoo, after 30stm, I developed a freaking amazing love for TDG (Three Days Grace), and then later, after my crazy bestie guyfriend got me started on it, Breaking Benjamin. (He was pretty ecstatic when he heard this.) So now, they are officially my top favorite bands, and oh. my. gosh. I can't stop listening to their music over and over again. Shall I describe my freak obsessions over specific songs? I shall.

  • Time of Dying by TDG
  • Unknown Soldier by Breaking Benjamin
  • Hurricane by 30stm
  • Closer to the Edge by 30stm
  • Never Too Late by TDG
  • On My Own by TDG
  • Break by TDG
  • Get Out Alive by TDG
  • Until the End by Breaking Benjamin
  • Kings and Queens by 30stm

So. You can imagine that those ten songs are being replayed over and over and over and over. I won't be surprised when my mother comes in and tells me to listen to something different. So yes. I just had to get this RMS off my chest. Freak obsession. Spastic music repulsion. :P RMS. Remember that for later posts. Because, I'm sure I'll definitely talk about it. Trust me.

Over and out!
<3 Mindy!


  1. Hahahahahahahaha Jared Leto obsession much?? He is smooth and manly, I'll give you that haha, he's a babe... But goodness Mindy haha, you're so flippin great :) Love those bands too, they're fantabulous!!

  2. Hee hee! I laughed out loud a lot when I read this....You are very silly, Mindy! BAHAHA! (Rain!) Tee hee! I like this blog!

  3. Hahah I love this blog toooooo!!!


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