Hey. I'm amazed you've stopped to take a peak! I'm sorry to say that my blog is full of negative, atrociously positive, philosophical, or otherwise stupid posts concerning my thoughts, feelings, and every day life. But what the hell! If you think it's great, then I think you're great. Got it?

Jul 16, 2011

Yes well, I'm Sort of Back

I haven't felt the need to write here for a long time, but it's only because I've been furiously writing chapter after chapter. I'm on the verge of finishing my novel. Nine chapters to go before the first draft of my book is complete, and I'm so excited. My goal is to get it done before the summer ends, that way when school comes along, I don't have to worry about putting off homework so I can write a little chapter here and there. Yes, I'll be reading through it and editing it constantly, and I have a lot of revision to do, but I'm just happy that I've gotten so far. Syrusses's secret is revealed in chapter 33, and Cyran is about to use it to his advantage. Syrusses has been so patient, so determined, and so ready to get this sword, that by the time Syrusses gets to the cave, all control snaps. Will he unleash the sword or not?

On other news, my parents are in Park City right now, meaning my aunt and uncle are here to stay with us to make sure kidnappers don't come along, or if anything happens they'll be here to help. Basically, with them here, it means I can stay up a lot later outside of my room if I wanted. *Snicker* Shh....don't tell anyone. My uncle told me his million dollar novel idea, and I suppose I would read it, but Zombies and smart people? Mm...maybe. We'll see if it turns out okay.

I was in a fictionpress forum yesterday, just lingering, trying to get reviewers for my book, when I came upon something that actually scared me out of my mind:

Sometimes a writer starting out very young has a long writing career ahead of them but other times they never seem to write anything comparable with their first success. Burned themselves out to early, perhaps. Mary Shelley sold Frankenstein at 17, but never came up with anything else you'd want to read. Robert Bloch started writing at 15 and became a famous horror novelist. Stephen King submitted his first story at 15 to Famous Monsters of Filmland. The story was not accepted, the editor felt other young people who did not become well known writers had sent him better stories. Many years later, long after King was world famous, the editor discovered he had an original King story and published it among much fanfare. The magazine it appeared in skyrocketed in value, but it really wasn't as good as other stories by teenagers not interested in making writing their life's work.

Now think about that. I am a young writer. :( I'm scared that all my juice will be gone when I'm older! D: Now you see my dilemma? Yes, you do....ugh....I shouldn't let this get to me, but I can't help but worry. That's why I keep going over my other novel ideas as well, that's why I write down anything that comes to mind in my itsy bitsy notebook downstairs. Ah well, I'm sure I won't be like other authors....I hope. 

Jul 9, 2011

Making Good Use of my Summer

I believe Harry Potter 7 part 2 is coming out in a week. You don't know how excited I am. I also recall finishing Chapter 29 of my novel with 97,000 words. These are the little things that make my summer exciting. Yes, I don't mind summer ending and school coming around, but I like to feel these moments of enthrallment when nothing really matters except my accomplishments and the silly amusement of film entertainment. What I love most about the extra time I have every day, is that I can let my imagination loose. Recently I've bought a sketch pad. I decided that sketch pad is used for sketches. Those sketches would mostly center around my Novel, because it's a way to calm my excitement and express the antsy feelings through image when I can't express it in my writing. I describe the feelings as antsy, because they itch under your skin and never go away, but I never said I didn't like the feeling. The fact that I'm still obsessed over my story means something. It means I won't give up on it, and it means I can take it to a whole new level. It means my creativity won't end abruptly.

I feel as though I haven't described those feelings very well. Let me try again. I have two characters in my novel; Alyshia and Krayden. Now, their relationship has been slowly building throughout the chapters. I don't want to put a butt-load of romance and make everyone sick of my book, because I know I would get sick of writing it. However, as a girl, I enjoy romance and I like to see a relationship work out. That's what I desperately wish for my characters, but I have to keep their relationship on the edge; able to break at a moment's notice, just to keep the reader's on the edge of their seats while there's a war going on. Because I want Alyshia and Krayden to just have at it and kiss throughout their entire relationship, I let out those feelings. Not through my book, but through other methods. Sometimes I draw scenes of them together from my novel, other times I just role-play on goodreads with the characters. Other times I just listen to music and try to pick out the perfect love song for them. However, it's not only romance. Sometimes I get restless when I can't fully release my violent feelings from my system through writing. (Not often, because I have quite a few battle scenes in my book...) So I find other methods of releasing it through the artsy ways, just so I can have it with me forever if I wanted to.

That describes the antsy feelings I love to feel. That is part of the reason why my walls are covered with everything I can think of. Pictures, drawings, posters, decorations. I have a wall I plan on dedicating to my writing and imagination; to all my characters and plots and settings and dialogue. I might sound a little obsessive, but I'm taking up this free time I have now to do things I may not be able to do when school starts. I might be able to finish the first draft of my novel this summer.

Jul 2, 2011

Driving and Hiking

As I said earlier, I got the opportunity to drive. Just as I was walking out the door with my mom, I got butterflies in my stomach, just as you would when you're next in line on the Rocket at Lagoon, or when you are inches away from kissing the person of your dreams. Yes, I had butterflies just like that. My mom took me to the PGJHS parking lot where I practiced my turning and braking, considering it wasn't much of a parking lot. More like a drop off zone. After that, we made our way to the PGHS to see if they had a Driver's Ed Course, which they didn't. It came about me driving down a traffic-filled road and turning into a church parking lot, where I practiced my parking. I think I got the hang of it pretty well.

There I am, on the wheel. My mom just had to take a picture for Facebook. :)

Also in other news, I went hiking a few days ago with my dad. We went up to Battle Creek Canyon and hiked 1400 feet high, then hiked back down. On the way, I got some pretty good pictures.

Today, I am an Adult

I have my learner's permit. WHA HOO!!!!!! And I will be driving today. :D Yes well, that's an update on my life.