Hey. I'm amazed you've stopped to take a peak! I'm sorry to say that my blog is full of negative, atrociously positive, philosophical, or otherwise stupid posts concerning my thoughts, feelings, and every day life. But what the hell! If you think it's great, then I think you're great. Got it?

May 28, 2011

The Last Weekend

Not of my life, I will assure you, but of the school year. This will be my very last weekend of my one and only freshman year. Ninth grade has rushed by in a flurry, and I can only say it did with the help of my bestest best friends in the bestest wide world of friendship. *Demented Smile* Haha :D

But really. Think about it. Could you get through a year of school, when you're all by yourself, socially demented and flinches at every little noise? No. You could not. Not without suffering. So, I've decided to write up my friends some notes that they can read throughout the week. I won't post up what they say until they've all gotten it in person and have read it first. :) Wish me luck!

May 25, 2011


It's 7:23 on a Wednesday morning, and I sit here typing these words stiffly with only one hope in my thoughts: Warmth. If it rains today, I think that will be the typical downer of my day, the key domino that leads me to having an entirely suckish day, all day. So why do I trouble my readers with these scary thoughts? Well it's because of my yearning for the end of the school year. This week especially. Starting Friday I'll be able to buy my bus wrist band so I can go to lagoon, and then the first of June it's some sort of freshman thing...I'm not even going to school on the Third, considering it's two hours long and a waste of time and gas. Well, those are all next week, and this week it is merely Wednesday. The middle of the week. Sunday passed by too quickly for my own good. Although Monday was the last Monday of the school year, I still thought that it dragged on way too long. Tuesday as well. Tuesday was a monster, in fact, considering I snapped at a friend in defense for Pepe. I doubt he likes me very much now. Whatever. I never really enjoyed his company all that much either. :|

I guess what I'm trying to say, despite my sudden changes in subjects, is that if it won't be warm today, then my anticipation for Wednesday has been crushed. I only waiting patiently for this day because my phone "Weather" Widget said it would be in the seventies, partly cloudy. Waking to the weather man saying there's a chance for rain isn't helping my spirits though. Can you believe Utah's weather? If you are a reader that doesn't live in Utah, then I shall tell you this: The weather is extremely bipolar. One minute it's raining and gloomy, and then the next hour you're shrouded in luscious sunshine. What is this? I think it's the start of a changing climate, sorta like the hottest our planet can get, and then moving back into an ice age. I wonder what it would be like to be in an Ice Age...? Cold. I do no like the cold. I am weak. Yes.

So anyway, I have merely two chants for the Lord in the Sky whom rains Aardvarks. Summer. Summer. Summer. And Sunshine sunshine sunshine. 

The End

May 18, 2011

Dissecting New Knowledge

An unfortunate matter has arisen. The title...I'm afraid to correct. I dissected a rat today. Not a frog, but a rat, and only Drew, out of Brett and Kaylynn and him, helped me dissect it. Earlier in the year I was the only one who dissected the owl pellet as well. Kaylynn will deny this tremendously, but my mom said that Brett and her were wusses because they didn't want to touch the rat. :P It wasn't as bad as it looked, especially when there isn't blood anywhere and only watery guts. Oh let me tell you, those intestines were very interesting. It makes me wonder what MY intestines look like. Probably bloody if you dissected me this very moment. Gross. Anyway, the skin was easier to get off than the muscle on the legs. That muscle took us forever, and we were super far behind the other lab groups by then. So we never got to poke out the eyes or see the brain. It's a shame, really, because I was looking forward to that part. Oh but we did get to see the diaphragm, lungs, and heart. I believe Drew found the Esophagus, and I a turd within the confines of a large intestine. Oddly enough, that was what grossed me out more, not the many lobes of a brown liver or the bright red of the kidneys. Oh those intestines were long. I can hardly imagine having twenty two feet of intestines in my own body. Anatomy, I discovered, is pretty fun to learn about. So I guess it's good I'm taking Physiology in tenth grade.

Because Drew and I dissected, I felt more of a man today, and decided I might as well read Romeo's part in English rather than Juliet's. Juliet is a wuss. So I'd much rather be a man. Although, the pictures of a play that accompanied the play read in our books had an ugly Romeo. It didn't matter, I used my manly voice to read with. Praise Hallelujah! Praise Allah! Praise the Lord of All Aardvarks in the Sky! Today has succeeded.

So, referring back to my post a couple weeks back, I decided I'm going to continue writing "Stars Don't Fall/Wvern's Destruction". Because I'm not getting anywhere with "A Search for the King" currently, and I suddenly felt this random pull towards the previous story. Don't ask me why, but I believe it was because of Three Days Grace. I listen to them, and I reflect on their lyrics, and for some reason, their sound, his voice, the music, the lyrics, it all fits with my fantasy story. They have love songs, they have rebellion songs, they have plain old beat-the-hell-out-of-you songs, and they most certainly have evil villain songs that I like. Bwahaha! I think "On My Own" by TDG is the best connection to my story, because it  brings out Cyran's personality so well, I can't even wrap my head around it. As well as Cyran's journey traveling and leaving McKenzie, then coming back and finding she was gone, and then he was alone with no one in this world, considering his evil brother left to take over the world and the love of his life disappeared because of his brother. Ha. It's great!

Anyway, I'll let you go. I don't like the word Dissect, I discovered. And I most certainly don't like it as a title for this post. Oh well.

May 14, 2011

Pepe Les Dork =D

Kaylynn "Pepe" Farley is the best person to ever enter my life. Not only because she's so much like me, but because she is the most hilarious, most capable, most understanding woman to ever be considered my Bif. (BFF). Holy Bikinis Pepe! If you are reading this, then don't for one second deny or shake your head at anything I am about to say, because it sure as hell is true, and you know it.

First of all, I must make it clear to the world that she is in fact, beautiful and kind, (When she wants to be) and when she feels like it, she'll be in the world's most best, silliest mood to show it. I know I say this a lot, but moods definitely turn my mood, and her moods are definitely in sync with mine...somewhat. Sometimes I'm a little too stupid for my own good. But that's the best part, because when I am, she isn't afraid to be a dork with me. I admit, her sarcasm has rubbed off, and some of her weird noises when she's concentrating on something, but otherwise, it's just like we're meant to be friends. Where was she in seventh grade when I was miserable? forget that. It's not like I need a Pepe pill to survive off of...those are for freaks. (I know a few of those freaks....freaks.)

Sometimes we embarrass each other or ourselves, but it's hard to hate each other or be mad at each other. We shrug it off because we know the other won't hold it against us or remember it for always, so we just laugh and high five. Before having Pepe there to help me or be with me, like a friend should, I had other friends who weren't like this. I mean, yes, we had inside jokes, but I felt like I couldn't confess anything to them...but Kaylynn is always there for me.

So this is for you, Kaylynn, and I hope you don't forget this, because I didn't write it for nothing. Next time you say you love me, or that I'm your bif, I don't even have to say it out loud for you to know it's just the same for you. You'll always be my bif, and you'll always be my friend, even if we won't have classes together next year.

<3 you. ;)

P.S. Your yellow nail polish smells like Banana. I SWEAR. I bet it's no coincidence either...another conspiracy theory...

Getting There...

So yesterday I had finished Chapter Twenty Four on my precious novel and was traveling to to post it up for a loyal reader, when suddenly it doesn't let me through. It kept saying server 404 error or whatever, and I was growing impatient. I decided to wait a day, and then see if it would work. No dice. I'm getting angry now, because I really want to post it up, but it won't let me go to the actual editing page to add in a harmless little chapter. I'm tempted to go downstairs and reset the router, but I doubt that will help with a server problem.....I really hate technology sometimes.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE!! I'm officially 24 chapters in, nearly half way through, with 71,600 words, and 200 pages with 14 pt. Font. Proud? Yes. Yes you are.

May 13, 2011

Dear John

No, it's not an original title from me, it's a movie....and a good movie that jerked horrendous, ugly-Mindy-making tears from my otherwise impervious attitudes towards romances. This will be a big spoiler to those who haven't seen it, so if you haven't seen it, and you really want's on instant Netflix at my house. ;) Okay, anyway, I must admit, it was a pretty good romance. However, it wasn't the kisses or the leaving each other so John could go to the army, it was the other characters. Allan. And his Dad. Both Autistic, but I never realized how much I could cry for them. The mood was just perfect, touching me at the right moments, and with John getting shot, and him reading his last letter to his father, I swear I could barely see the TV screen through my tears. Ugh. Sorry, because it's over, and I'm on to happier topics with my writing...sorta...well, if you count blood and guts spewing all over a battlefield...anyway, since then, I've been feeling a little slap-happy. Like my change in moods are overbearing and uncontrollable. Is this how bipolar people feel? I wish no offense to them, I'm merely curious. I have an open mind that sort of flies everywhere without stopping to think if it would be rude to someone or whatever. Jeez. I can't spell tonight. I mean, it may look perfect, but really, I've been typing, deleting, fixing, typing, getting tired of deleting, using the cursor, deleting, typing....Yeah. Anyway, I don't know what else to write, considering there is nothing more to actually talk about, so I wish you all a happy Friday, wherever you may be...unlike me....sitting at home watching gushy romances for a Friday I need a life.

May 11, 2011

Delving Deeper into a Song

It's a new day I agree
It's a bright day
I love those days
Even when you stand in the dark
I would hate that
It's just that
You've been broken into fifty pieces
Today is gone
Where did it go?
I'm the only light that you see
How sweet...
You need someone
Yes, maybe
I know all you needed was me
Okay you guessed it

Everyday we wake if it takes too long
No one would like a long day
Just tell me something new
If it makes you happy, I will
Forget about the sunshine when it's gone
But what if I really want it back?

Another pale moon
Shines like high noon
And it wouldn't be as hot!
Midnight never felt so cold alone
I do want you with me...
It's just that you're uneasy
You're a good guesser
When you need me
Yes, I do need you
Today is gone
I wish it wasn't...
I'm the only light that you see
Yes, it's pretty cute
You need someone
I know all you needed was me

Everyday we wake if it takes too long
Don't want to sleep forever
Just tell me something new
Forget about the sunshine when it's gone
Will do...just for you...
You can say it's right, but it feels so wrong
So does that make us bad?
Just show me something true
You know I'm an honest person
Forget about the sunshine
Forget about the sunshine when it's gone
I will

Today is gone
I wonder where it went...
I'm the only light that you see
It's really bright
You need someone
Yes, I do
I know all you needed was me
You're smart

Everyday we wake if it takes too long
Maybe sleeping forever isn't too bad...
Just tell me something new
How many new things are there in the world?
Forget about the sunshine when it's gone
I'll try to, but I do love the sunshine
You can think it's right, but it feels so wrong
I agree, because I love that sunshine...
Just show me something true
Of course
Forget about the sunshine
Forget about the sunshine when it's gone
I will, just for are my sunshine...


The first thing I notice about this song when I listen to it is the happy, bouncy tune, so catchy and it just sticks with me all day. It makes me feel much more cheerful when I'm a bit sad. I listen to it every night, because frankly, I really love it. The All-American Rejects are absolutely the best, I think, aside from Three Days Grace and Thirty Seconds to Mars. :*

May 7, 2011

A Strange Week

So, the weekend after a previous weekend. They always come, you can't stop them. What makes this weekend stupid, however, is the fact that last weekend was the big move, and that now I'm typing my first blog post while sitting somewhere that isn't my old house. It's my new house, to be quite frank. I think I'm getting a headache from looking at the computer...I haven't been on for quite a few days now, and that's probably my most longest break from the computer. Don't think I'm an addict. I mean completely away. Like...not even getting on for homework or checking emails real quick, which was what I was doing previously. Anyway, yeah, point is, I haven't been on for a while, and because of that, I can't focus my eyes on the words I'm typing currently.

As for a boring weekend, I must make it clear to my readers what I have done throughout the week/weekend. My last post was about last Saturday, when I was packing all day. I guess I should talk about Sunday, and the turnout from the ward. It was the official moving day, and the last day I would live in that house again. To be completely honest, I like this new house, and I will never miss the other house, despite living in the place for six years and leaving behind memories. (Please don't battle me over that phrase, because as I had just said, it is a phrase.) This new house I sit in is right up against the mountain in PG, and I think it's pretty cool. We're on a very steep slant, and our deck is very tall and very big. The kitchen is doable, the family room perfect. My bedroom is coming along pretty well, considering I had went to the store and bought a lot of brightly colored accessories for it. Anyway, Sunday we had half the ward's men come to our house and help us move out. They were always joking about whether the neighbors loved us enough to help us, or if they just wanted us gone. :P Haha, it was pretty funny. I vaguely remember being hugged by a random guy I didn't know, but he was a sweetheart it turned out, so it was okay.

Anyway, I don't want to dwell too much on Sunday, for it was exhausting and long and frustrating. But Monday was pretty well. I have a bathroom down by my bedroom, and Tyler and David share it with me. But it's huge. It's really nice, and it was fun to get ready for school down there, instead of having to do it in my bedroom. I decided to wake up before six-thirty and hog the bathroom until a little past six-thirty, because Tyler wakes at six-thirty and wanted to take a shower immediately when he woke, but I wouldn't let him since he had so much time. He got frustrated, but I'll teach him. >:) At school I had only a few questions about moving from friends, but it didn't bug me like having injuries would, so I was fine. After school, Gary and Almond, my "Adopted" aunt and uncle, were over and Almond and I had a little too much fun with a second grader joke book...oh the mood we were in. Oh the jokes. We got Costco pizza as well that night. Pretty good night.

Tuesday blurred by. Nothing to report there. Wednesday, however, was great, because I got to hang out with Kaylynn and her family for a while. I went home with Kaylynn, helped her get ready for the school musical she was in (Bye, Bye, Birdie), and went with her family to the play. It was a good night, because all my friends were so good in there. Brett, dude, I can't stress enough how hilarious you were. Drew had that whole Elvis character for Conrad Birdie, and Kaylynn....she was in ensemble, but her dancing was really good. I'd say so about her singing...but they were all singing at the same time. It wasn't like I could hear just HER voice.

Thursday and Friday were both just...normal. I mean, it wasn't something I can remember and report about, otherwise they would both have their own paragraphs for themselves. Anyway, now it's Saturday, and I am building up my room with the building money I collect from babysitting. It's coming along pretty well, because I've decided I'll have a green and orange room. :D It's so exciting! The rug, throw blanket, and pillow are all so super sickly furry....ahhhhhh.....I'll sleep well to night.

Over and Out!