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Dec 4, 2011

Utah Construction and its Workers

Last week I discovered a truth so horrific and irritating, that I cried for at least ten seconds about it. Normally I don't cry about these kind of things, because it's really not that bad. I was actually surprised with myself.

I believe it was Monday of last week when I walked along my beloved path home and stumbled across a trench as big as a house itself right in the middle of the road. The canal was mercilessly ripped apart, as was the now depressed-looking canal road itself. The worst part of it all, was the fact that it wasn't at the beginning of my walk, nor the middle, but at my exit to get home. It's a sad business, really. The canal road was a beautiful little path to jog on in the mornings. It was perfect! Until the Construction workers came along.

Most of my fellow family members and friends would agree that these construction workers and their "duties" are ruining our routinely lives. For instance, now that the canal road is unaccessable to me, I have to take the canyon road to get home from the bus stop, and that road has about a ruler's width of walking space along the side. Their putting in a pipe resulted in my life being put at risk. I could get hit by a drunk man!

I don't mind the walk. It's just the oncoming cars that scare the living daylights out of me. They drive by at what feels like top speeds, though it's only 40 mph. People look at me like I'm supposed to be in an asylum. What's fun though, is if you stare at them right back, they'll look away quickly at your challenging stare. I've counted seventeen cellphone users in just this past week. Who has a higher percent chance of crashing? THEY DO!

Hopefully not into me. O.o Karma can be a bitch sometimes.

I'm sure everyone complains about our Utah roads being inhabited by hulking, rusty-yellow Volvo machines digging up the asphalt. I know I do, and I'm not even the one driving most of the time. It's like those construction workers own 300 north! "Detour" "Detour" "Detour" !!! I'm sure to get sick of that orange sign very soon.

We should rise up. Yes, that's what we should do. Although it will cost the jobs of all those desperate construction workers...we should at least petition that one project gets done before a second one is started! That way there's no overlapping projects, and no strangling hold on our necks.

But you know, that's just my idea.

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