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Jan 20, 2011


Magic is a widely used term. Sometimes for magicians, sometimes for a beautiful sunset, and maybe other times for a kiss gone right. When I think of the term "Magic" i think of all three. Yesterday, Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at approximately 2:50 pm, right after school, I met up with him, my friends, and that silly boy and girl, Kaylynn and Brett. I said hello. I was in a great mood! Oh and an important thing you should know about my boyfriend is that he is very swell at card tricks. I mean, he's MAGICAL. He does these cool flicks with cards, and awesome guessing at my card and I'm always blown away by how he does it. So, yesterday, Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at approximately 2:50 pm, right after school, he played a card game with me. He held out a cool grey deck and told me to cut it in half.

Okay so I'm really lame at cutting the deck, so he does it for me. He just takes the top half and puts it underneath the bottom half, right? Well he tells me to pick the top card and it comes up as the Three of Hearts. I smile, he tells me to memorize it, then I put it back. When I did, he put the entire deck away. My inner feelings were "What the....?" but he's just grinning and pulled out a second deck, this one is red. So he gives it to me and tells me to look for my card. Right. So I'm sitting there, looking for the Three of Hearts, and it's all the way in the back, so it takes me a while to find it. When I finally heart nearly stopped. It. Was. Magical.

On that card, was a note to me. "Will you go out with me, Mindy?"

So I was the happiest girl in the world. Laaa! I was so amazed at how well that card trick worked. I keep telling him how demented I am at magic tricks, yet how much I really really really like watching him do a magic trick for me. It just blows me away by how awesome it was. However, I still really want to know how he did it. I have a friend who's trying to figure it out, but failing. Blaaa! I'm love him so much!

So once again: Magic.

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