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Apr 5, 2012

The Absolutely Random Update

I can't stress enough to you how much school work I have to deal with. It's a little ridiculous, considering there's not many assignments to do as there is studying and test-taking. I'm only a little bit stressed. My digestive system test is huge, and it is on Friday before Spring Break, as well as the auteur test in Film class, and an almost annoying vocabulary quiz. We have to spell a scientific word for "black lung". I think it's

Pneumonomicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis or something like that. No, I'm pretty sure that's it. Anyhow, when on earth are we going to use this in our live? Of course, I will, because I'll be a doctor and stuff, but for a normal person's average vocabulary. I can hardly spell the word, let alone pronounce it. I'm going to give you a candy if you can pronounce it correctly.

Other than that, spring break is coming up, and I have no idea what I'm going to do. Until I get to work tonight, I will have no idea what my schedule will be like work wise. A part of me hopes Monnica (My boss) hasn't realized that Spring Break is next week, and that I don't get any lunch shifts, but I wouldn't know. I think her daughter might be on the same school schedule as I am, which would suck, because I want to have a warm spring break with sidewalk chalk, sun bathing, and ... cleaning?

Right. I get to clean all week, which will just be so fantastic. I will also have a bunch of homework I'll have to deal with, since I've got a research paper due in English soon. It won't be awesome.

I got a new belt, and usually I'm not a belt-wearing kind of girl, but I decided that I need to hold my pants up, otherwise they'll fall off. My belt keeps getting caught on the chair in this weird desk. It frustrates me.

So I have this love for the blog Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh. The problem is, she hasn't updated in several months. It's already April, and there isn't one post in 2012! It's disappointing me. So I decided to write her a fan letter! I'm tempted to just copy and paste it onto here for all of you to read it, but I'm already half-embarrassed that I sent it to her alone. I'm sure she's gotten some pretty stupid fan mail, but I don't know. My letter was pretty cheesy.

I'm really hungry. I should probably get food soon so it will hold me over until lunch, but what to get?

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