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Jul 16, 2012

Most frankly put, being gay is NOT A SIN.

You fucking homophobes. There. I said it. I'm angry, and you all need to know that.

I mean, even if you aren't a homophobe, you're still an asshole for thinking that a gay couple is suddenly going to ruin your life.

I want to pull my hair out right now! I'm just so mad at the people who condemn someone for being gay without getting to know them!

I hate the influence religion has on this world. I think that's where it's mostly angering me.

And that goes for ANY religion, not just Mormonism.

Religion has started wars, crusades, persecution, fights, narcissism, and judgment.

Hitler thought Christianity better than Judaism.

Romans sacked cities in the name of "God".

Joseph Smith was slaughtered and humiliated because he started a new religion.

There are constant arguments and fights online and all over the world about religion in general.

The bigger the churches get, the more "dominant" and "all that" they become.

And GOD FORBID we all get along instead of waltz around and say, "Oh my gosh, she's athiest." "Oh my God, she's mormon." "Oh my Buddha, he hasn't reached Nirvana." "OH MY HELL HE'S GAY!" 

Why does the color of our skin, personal beliefs, and how we love have to get in the way of how we all live together?

When someone has a sufficient answer to this problem, talk to me. I need something to bitch about.

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  1. Seriously! I CANNOT express to you how much you made my day with this post. I'm so sick of idiots just judging right off of the bat, not caring to know the person. And yet they preach to others not to judge. Fucking hypocrites.


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