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Nov 15, 2012

Iambic Pentameter; repetitive, like my life in a sense

Although you claim reality is one
Idealism is twice now where you're wrong
According to you she is no such fun
But her love is what drives this lonely song.
If you believe that her lips are so dull
Imagine a luster in place of them
Remember you not, the stories of ol'?
They turn a small rock in one like a gem.
Reality verses Ideality
Splits us into a division, I say
Ideal is the more likely pretty
While realism defines this day.
When they differ so widely to view,
The similarities are none too few.

This is a sonnet I wrote in response to one of the many sonnets Shakespeare has written. He was basically describing how her features aren't like the sun or silk or beauty, rather he would describe them in the most realistic manner he could muster. Well, why can't reality and idealism morph and be used equally to create a realistic fantasy?

That's basically what I do every day of my life. Just saying.

I'm not very superb at poetry. Heck, I barely know how to use those weird iambic pentameter things with regular speech, let alone rhyming AND organizing AND symbolizing. Geez. It's too much. I usually just wing it when I write poetry. Then I end up struggling when it becomes a real requirement. The thing is though, even if they aren't that good, I still feel this sense of accomplishment and relief when I've finally figured out how to let the words out in an acceptable, organized way. I don't feel hectic or crazy. It actually requires me to think about what to write rather than write it out and be satisfied with what I have. I cherish the words more.

But I do like to write prose as opposed to poetry, because with poetry, no matter how silly it is, there's always a message you need to convey within it. With prose, you can write the most intense piece of a story, and that's all it will be: a story. It doesn't HAVE to have a message at all.

I'm supposed to read poetry from the Renaissance in my literature book for English, but honestly? I don't want to do it. Because I have to write summaries and immitations and quickwrites after I'm done. It's lame. I don't have that much time. I don't have the patience to sit down and read it or understand it. I'm too excited about test scores, and the cadaver lab, and Trace being able to come with, and understanding Chemistry, and having to write write write my book. Ugh. Please, people. Is there no free time to myself anymore?

I'm not ready to grow up. That's the problem here. Having no free time to myself is going to be a normal thing when I become a doctor and work 12 hour shifts in the hospital. I have to get used to it. But I just don't want to right now, because I'm so not ready to do that yet.

AHHH!! Cadaver lab! I'm so stoked.

I have to be at the buses by 5:30, miss all of school, and be back late at night. WHOO!!! USU here I come!

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