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Jan 17, 2013

Life. Whatcha gonna do about it?

The world revolves around the sun.

What a sun. I could only imagine the narcissism that comes with such a responsibility.

You know, if those cheerleaders in my pre-calculus class think they're the center of everyone's lives, then they don't know what they're thinking if they ever have a chance to be a big burning ball of hot gas.

There are many people in this world who bug me, but I learn to deal with it. I'm incredibly sweet and nice to people at work, and I figure if I become a Wolverine Embassador, then I'll be able to get leadership recognition for Medical School and experience working with many kinds of people. All I have to do is learn how to deal with those stupid people, and the first step is to accept the ditsy cheerleaders with their heavy mascara and leggings-for-pants.

Oh, may I interject?


I can see more of your freaking ass than I've ever wanted to see! EVER.


I went to a UVyou days event at the university for the Science department. I really enjoy science. Mostly biology and anatomy and stuff. Of course, I am majoring in Art, so...

I got a lot of free stuff there tonight. Like a T-shirt with an ECG graph on it. It's pretty sweet. And I won an electric toothbrush through a drawing from the dental hygiene department. Also pretty cool. There was this guy who's been graduated from high school for a year or two, and he was totally hitting on all the girls tonight.

Well, that, or just being his weird, socially flirtatious self.

I can only go once to this thing...but even so, I hope there's the slightest chance I could win that $200 book scholarship, since I plan on going to UVU after I graduate.

Ugh. That's not for another year and a half! I'm so ready to go to college!

I know, I'm super bipolar when it comes to the grow up and don't grow up situation. I want it to be both ways, which inexplicably means this wish is never coming true.

I'll survive. Like I do. Every day.

You know what bugs me the most?  Relationships. People at high school think they can't survive without someone to cling to like scared little puppies. And don't get me on the whole "I need sex" thing. It's pointless, not an excuse for your irrational behavior, and completely stupid until you're positive of the person you want to have sex with.

I mean, seriously.

I hate that I keep obsessing over what a guy might think about me, even though I don't want a relationship at this time, and I sure as hell don't WANT to care about what others might think of me because of this decision I have made. Oh how confusing my logic is. I apologize.

But really.

Relationships are stupid. I only like novel romances or movies or stuff. Not real life. It's stupid. Gross, even.

And the dirty sex jokes. I'm sick of them! My friends all have to crack at least ten of them every day. Why? Where does this get you in life? WHY?! Why do it? Who are you trying to impress? Or scare away, for that matter...

And everyone is being really dramatic. Bray won't talk to us because Kaeli and Tyler got mad at him for choosing other friends over us.

To be quite frank with you, I don't blame Brayden for finding new friends. I toy with that idea every day, except for the part where there are no other friends I'm willing to hang out with since they're all scary molly mormons or freaky drug-induced bums.


Life. Whatcha gonna do about it?

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