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Apr 25, 2011

The Weekend, Wrapped into One

Basically, the weekend was a very busy, very tiring one. For one thing, it was Easter Weekend, so I had a lot of things going on. Secondly, I was dumb enough to book a Baby Simulator on this weekend, thinking it won't be that bad, and that it wasn't going to be too hard to transport the thing everywhere I went. Hah.

I have no right to actually complain and cry over how laborious taking care of a fake baby is, because I give my congrats out to the real mothers who must deal with real babies 24/7.

I'll start with Friday. Heaven knows how busy/exciting/overkill it was. The first two periods were fine, I mean, they were normal, but by the time third period came around, and our class loaded up on the bus to go to Cabella's, I knew it was going to be hurried. First of all, class is only an hour and thirty minutes at most, so with the bus trips to and fro, that's close to fifteen minutes each. The point of the trip was to go to Cabella's and do a classification project with the animal things they have there. Kaylynn, Drew, Brett, and I all worked on the assignment, but we had difficulties with the fish at the beginning. I mean, who wouldn't automatically assume that the fish (Without Labels) in the aquarium was the ones we had to do? We almost began to name them randomly like "Awesome Lipped-Trout" or "Rainbow Fish!", until Mr. Moon showed us the fish on the outside of the aquariums with the labels on them. Who names a fish "White Crappie"??? Anyway, we finished the fish and mammals, but Kaylynn wanted some fudge, and we had only five minutes until we had to load the bus, so we didn't get the bird portion done. The deal was to exchange information with those smart people who did the birds on the bus, (which didn't go as planned, mind you,) and flee to the fudge store. We got our fudge...but we were too late to turn in our papers, so we decided to turn them in after school. Ahem....I did. Kaylynn...alas... did not, and now I'm afraid Brett has been docked, considering she still has Brett's paper as well as her own unfinished one.The bus arrives late, and we're nearly fifteen minutes late to lunch, so I just skip out, but Kaylynn and Brett are determined to eat, even though it was Taco soup which quit literally burned their tongues. They both didn't care if they were late to Musical Theater or not. English, last period for me, was boring, but I got to leave ten minutes early to retrieve...dun dun dun...the Teen Living baby.

The deal with the babies: They are computer programmed and very technologically advanced for a baby doll. It coos and cries and screams and burps and whimpers...everything a real baby does. Anyway, for Teen Living you have to get a baby for a week or weekend and take care of it to have a feel for what it's like to be a teen mom. I got mine after school. It was a girl and I named her Adilee and dressed her up in stupid pink clothes. Then I got the bulky diaper bag that held only three small things in it and trudged off to meet Kaylynn in the hallways after school got out. She had rehearsal, but she heard our good friend Nahuel was here for registration, so she decided to miss a little bit of rehearsal just so she could see Nahuel.While we waited, she held my baby, which hadn't turned on yet, and became very possessive of it. She was the "aunt" and didn't want anyone else holding her. Walking home with the baby was an adventure, because she had turned on at three, just before I left the school, and I was automatically worried about shaking the baby or rough handling her or dropping her head while I walked. So I made sure to be as graceful as I could, which probably made me look like a real idiot. I got a lot of stares from people driving past me, and I had this weird urge to flip them off, BUT I didn't...I was good...I didn't. I mean, wouldn't you want to when a man drives past and staring at me like I'm some freakish teen mom? Yes. You would deny it, but if it happens enough times, you'll want to.

So, I had planned earlier in the week for a sleepover with my beautiful cousin, Rachel, and the only convenient time for both of us, despite my having a baby, was this Friday, while Saturday I could be exchanged at the Easter party. So a little bit after school my dad takes me to my cousin's house, but right as we leave the house, my baby acts up for the first time. It's the first time I hear her cry, and it's the last time I really want to hear her cry. Anyway, I had to awkwardly change her diaper in my lap with a bouncing car, which worried me because those babies' necks are sensitive and when they get jostled, it'll count as "Head dropped" and I'll get docked points. So finally when she stopped crying, and I wait out the trip to Rachel's house. I warned her about the baby, but she proved to not be as bad as I thought she was...for the most part. We stayed up til one-ish, ;) and I was awaken around three by a sudden screaming from the baby. :S It woke Rachel as well, and I could tell she was a little annoyed, but she went right back to sleep, just as any father would. Hehe. Saturday came along, and I hung around Rachel's house until five and left with her family to our grandma's Easter party. There I was exchanged and brought back home with my family, and a little bit after we got back, our good friends Almond and Gary came over to paint eggs and stay the night with us. (Dude...I painted a Nazi Egg, a Japanese Egg, and a Soviet Union Egg. They were pretty good. Except for when Tyler criticized my Soviet Union Egg...he was playing with fire there.)

Yes. I got a lot of irritating teasing. I got a lot of "Bet this makes you not want to have sex" and bla bla bla. I get it. A lot of stories of "When you were a baby" came around while this baby was occupying my life temporarily, and part of those comments about the baby was why I was in such a grouchy mood came Easter Sunday. I was not only tired, because the baby had me up that night as well, but for some reason, I wasn't in the mood to do anything but chuck the baby into the ocean. I had a headache as well, which is still lasting even now from being sick all weekend with a stupid cold. When will my nose quit being nosy? Haha...that wasn't even funny. Anyway, Easter was long, what with the Basket hunting, then Gary and Almond going out to jog, me getting some nap time in, then games being played before Easter dinner. I got a lot more music to listen to, which was pretty great. Gotta love good quality CD's!

Anyhow, all of that leads up to the official countdown. Bum bum bum.....Approximately seven more days until we begin to move furniture and boxes to the new house in pleasant grove. I'll have my camera on me by then and I'll put up pictures of my new room and house. But until then, we will be packing...and packing...and packing. Say. We're gonna need lots of packing tape.

So anyway, my headache is getting worse, so I'm gonna say Salem and farewell, for Monday was not a good day, considering my friend passed out in PE and today's math lesson flew straight over my head...I don't feel so hot.

Over and out!


  1. Mindy. You are the best. Remember, my house is always available if you want to come! I love you tons! Ha...Yeah, life is boring quite often. Love you!

  2. Haha.....I think that you'll appreciate my dead baby jokes now.

  3. Haha, okay, first of all! Neither Brett or I were docked points so there... I turned them in today... Second, I was... on my period... I needed fudge... don't judge me :)Sorry about the baby... kind of, okay, so it's kind of funny... sorry, you'll laugh later... like when you give birth... which I had a dream about mind you so I'm more experienced hahaha. I hope you get better soon though and if I can, I'll be glad to help with the move so yes.. Love you!

  4. Oh friends...hahahahaha, That isn't a weird dream at all, Pepe....


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