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Jul 7, 2013

Summer fun

I was reading over past blog posts, giggling about my younger stupidities in writing what I did, and wondering what on earth I had been thinking when I complained over and over that my life was one big repetitive mess.

Actually, false. It was true that my life was boring and routinely. No question about it, because work and school only left so much time for anything else.

See, this is why I love summer so much! I have so much more time to do anything I want to! Though I have to struggle to keep the spending at a minimum, I've already done so many things in one month than I might have done in a whole semester! Hiking, bowling, swimming, Lagoon, chalk art, discovering a new piece to my future, making a new friend, Cartoon conventions, Warped tour and other concerts, taking in a homeless teenager, riding frontrunner, etc. I mean, seriously! I've been everywhere! My poor Edgar can't take it anymore, I swear. He has so many miles on him...

The best part about summer, however, is the tank tops and the shorts and the warmth. I don't have to go outside worrying about how cold it's going to be. Only how hot it will be. I'd much rather be hot than cold.

The only thing I dislike about it, is how hot my freaking car gets when sitting in the sun for an hour. The seat belt burns my leg every time I get in.

Oddly enough, I've accomplished so many more things this summer even after losing two specific people than I did last year when my life was perfectly okay. Maybe it's me seeking out as much adventure as I can possibly muster! And next summer, for graduation, I'm hoping I'll be able to create even more adventure. My plan so far is Disneyland on $500...but we'll see. Maybe a bigger opportunity will come forth!

Now you see, I've written this blog post to make you all jealous of all the things I've done. I'm ending it now. Zanks. 

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