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Aug 1, 2013

August 1st

Finally, the end of the summer is drawing nearer. I have 20 days until Senior year truly begins, and all the hard work falls back into place once again. This year, for the first time, I am buying a yearbook. That way I can have memory of AF high and all the peers that will be affecting my life the very moment before I leave most of them for the big life in college.

One thing I realized is that the relationships you create with people in high school aren't going to matter when you get into college. Yes, there will be many of my peers attending UVU, but honestly? We'll all be trapped in our rooms writing essays and studying for tests. Or at least, that's how I'm prepared to see my life as. You'd be wise to expect the same.

I know the school will soon send that little letter in the mail explaining when the book depository opens and what time you ought to run and pick up your books. I'm hoping I won't have too many books.

Junior said he won't have a fourth period on B-days like me! We can party it up! And hopefully he'll have a job by then. In which case, he's really excited that he'll be able to buy me lunch rather than the other way round. (Since I've bought him sooo many things...)

I need a camera.

I just realized this. How else am I supposed to document high school with ease if I don't have a camera? Maybe my parents will let me take their camera every once in a while...perhaps I should look into those disposable cameras.

I've been drawing truly amazing things. (Amazing for me. I'm no professional artist, but HEY! Life-like pictures of the avengers? Pa-lease.) So naturally, I CANNOT wait for my art classes this coming year. I cannot. :D

And hooray! I'm taking physiology again. I took it in tenth grade, remember? I was a rockstar in that class. Well, I'm going to be a rockstar again!!! That's just another A to boost my GPA.

Guys, my goal this year is to get a 4.0 in all my classes. I don't have that many classes, and they aren't so difficult and so many that I would be overwhelmed. My only classes that would be difficult would be Latin, AP Biology, and possibly Ancient World History. That's it. I can focus on those! It's not like I have Math, Science, English, History, and Financial classes to contend with anymore. I'm a happy girl!

I decided that I really like being single. I love it. And I don't feel a need to explain these perfectly simple feelings to anyone.


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  1. I can't wait to see everything you create in your art classes.


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