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Sep 12, 2013

Stupid Kids.

I just want to gracefully and delicately explain my almost certain hatred for the peers at my school. Them with their Caucasian afros, low riding pants, sense of invincibility, and noses turned up to the skies because frankly, they believe that the gods had made them just because they're on the student council.

Well I don't think they're made of gold. They're made of shit. They are fake, annoying, and frankly, quite stupid despite taking certain levels of classes. Socially, they are disgusting invaders who think they are "da bomb diggity". Good god.

All my friends and family are off to Disneyland right now. :\ What's the deal? Posting pictures of the Magic Kingdom and making me wish to be there more than anything? I haven't been there since 2004. Yeah, so many new and cool crap has gone up since then. I'm so jealous. >:|

I've recently recovered from an almost surgical status pain this last week. Oh man, so intense, but I can't tell the internet world  what it was about, because, well, it involved the female parts. I'm all better now! That's all that matters!

Stupid high School. I want to be done with that hell hole and graduate. :\

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