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Jan 12, 2012

The Random Beginning for 2012

So this is my first blog post for 2012. As far as I can remember, that is, because I don't exactly remember writing anything on here after New Years, though I might have.

Anyway, I'm sure you guys like to hear news, despite it being good or bad. My news? The end of the term is tomorrow! And I've finally gotten past the frightfully laborious projects and assignments assigned by my know-it-all teachers. I learned a valuable skill over Christmas break, and that is NOT to procrastinate. I watched first hand as Pepe the Lovely tried to hurriedly get her book review done before the next class period. I didn't even get to draw a picture for her. :'(

During math today, I drew comics. I'll take pictures of them and show you how much I hated my Algebra I teacher!

I also thought about something today in the same class period, and expressed it in comic form. I don't have anything against them, and it's not a refined idea, but it's just something I thought of when I listened to a handicapped student talk with a really nerdy student today in class.

And to think that comics are related to the end of the term. I suppose when you think about it, the end of the term just makes you want to find a stress reliever as quick as possible, and it might be rude in some way. It's a good thing I'll probably, hopefully, most likely never see Mr. Chruma again. Hopefully. I pray.

I'm a licensed driver now, which means I can drive all by myself in the car and go wherever I would like that isn't a two hour drive. I have nowhere to go. :\ Except work, which will be cool to drive myself to work. I'm still waiting for my official plastic license to come in the mail. They're taking forever to get it to me! I'm shocked at how long it takes to print a plastic card with a few words and a picture on it. (My picture, by the way, makes me look like I'm in jail or something, which is sad. The woman took the picture really quick and I forgot to smile.)

It's way cool as well, because I wrote a letter to the one who carries letters. You know who that is? That's right. I wrote a letter to my mailman and he responded. His name is P.J. apparently. Cool, eh? I thanked him sarcastically for delivering mail better than the UPS or E-mail, and then I thanked him gratuitously for bringing me the Supernatural series in the mail. He quickly responded, "Thank you for the nice note, and yes, the house is definitely blue." Did I mention my mother and I have an ongoing war about what color my house is? It's totally blue.

Now I've gotten thinking about Supernatural. Have you seen Supernatural? It's a good series, especially since I get to look at these guys all the time:


I assume you might be wondering what the heck Supernatural is about...and I don't really feel like summarizing it. I just want to stare at him now. You can go to their website and look it up or something. Get it through netflix. Do something. Because it's amazing. It's so amazing, that it got my friend Brody in one episode. Yeah. Beat that.

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