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Dec 26, 2011

At a Loss for Words (and Time)

Christmas has come and passed. Simple as that. I'd rather not bore you with the specifics of my Christmas, since it's all basically the same thing every year. Parties, Presents, Sleep, More Presents, then Laziness and grumpy parents trying to figure out the toys. Is it like that at your house? Okay, so maybe I made that sound really negative. I liked my presents, I really did, even if it wasn't that much.

For the past few Christmases I've gotten very little, since money (Like most families) is a little bit tight. I'm not fazed by it. In fact, I appreciate those Christmases much more than those with a bunch of expensive toys and candy. The best part of this Christmas was that we got to spend Friday night with people we love. It was a nice change from relatives relatives relatives every year.

Of course, this post wasn't aimed to be just about Christmas. I figured it'd be nice of me not to lay on the Christmas Summary too heavily.

How many people do you know have a good attitude about life? Don't be afraid to answer that question and tell it to your computer screen. I'm sure quite a few people do. Now how many people do you know have a good attitude about life and show it in cheerfulness every single day? Not very many. Why do you think this is? I vie to do that every day, but sometimes things just get the better of me. All the time I tell myself I won't be a grouch when I come home from work, but I end up being one anyway. Is it really because all my energy is gone? Or I just feel like being a brat because I had to come home? I tell myself I won't be this, or I won't be that, and I try so hard not to be. I tell myself that I have enough energy, no matter what it was that I had done before. I tell myself a lot of things, obviously, and 94% of the time it works.

Pep-talks increase self-worth a lot, but no one really sits down and does that for themselves. We're either too busy working, judging, being lazy, or being distracted, when what we really need is to sit down and think. How many people do you know sit down and think about themselves or about life? Do they sit? Do they write? Do they vent to you? If you know none at all....then maybe you need to make some changes around you. Because if you don't do that for yourself as well, and take notice of the problems or interesting habits around you, you won't turn out to be the very best person you can be.  

I come across as a very deep, thoughtful person when I write, and a very cheerful little ball of energy when I'm at school and work. When I'm at home, I'm either mellow, sarcastic and observant, or hard-working. We all have our other side when we're in different settings, and I challenge you to find a good time and place to become the person who reflects on things they haven't reflected on before. Whether that be meditation, a hobby of some sort, or a person you hang out with, it's easier said than done.

Sometimes I just want to write like a shallow teenager and say how in love I am with this one guy. But I don't.

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