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Jul 9, 2011

Making Good Use of my Summer

I believe Harry Potter 7 part 2 is coming out in a week. You don't know how excited I am. I also recall finishing Chapter 29 of my novel with 97,000 words. These are the little things that make my summer exciting. Yes, I don't mind summer ending and school coming around, but I like to feel these moments of enthrallment when nothing really matters except my accomplishments and the silly amusement of film entertainment. What I love most about the extra time I have every day, is that I can let my imagination loose. Recently I've bought a sketch pad. I decided that sketch pad is used for sketches. Those sketches would mostly center around my Novel, because it's a way to calm my excitement and express the antsy feelings through image when I can't express it in my writing. I describe the feelings as antsy, because they itch under your skin and never go away, but I never said I didn't like the feeling. The fact that I'm still obsessed over my story means something. It means I won't give up on it, and it means I can take it to a whole new level. It means my creativity won't end abruptly.

I feel as though I haven't described those feelings very well. Let me try again. I have two characters in my novel; Alyshia and Krayden. Now, their relationship has been slowly building throughout the chapters. I don't want to put a butt-load of romance and make everyone sick of my book, because I know I would get sick of writing it. However, as a girl, I enjoy romance and I like to see a relationship work out. That's what I desperately wish for my characters, but I have to keep their relationship on the edge; able to break at a moment's notice, just to keep the reader's on the edge of their seats while there's a war going on. Because I want Alyshia and Krayden to just have at it and kiss throughout their entire relationship, I let out those feelings. Not through my book, but through other methods. Sometimes I draw scenes of them together from my novel, other times I just role-play on goodreads with the characters. Other times I just listen to music and try to pick out the perfect love song for them. However, it's not only romance. Sometimes I get restless when I can't fully release my violent feelings from my system through writing. (Not often, because I have quite a few battle scenes in my book...) So I find other methods of releasing it through the artsy ways, just so I can have it with me forever if I wanted to.

That describes the antsy feelings I love to feel. That is part of the reason why my walls are covered with everything I can think of. Pictures, drawings, posters, decorations. I have a wall I plan on dedicating to my writing and imagination; to all my characters and plots and settings and dialogue. I might sound a little obsessive, but I'm taking up this free time I have now to do things I may not be able to do when school starts. I might be able to finish the first draft of my novel this summer.

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