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Jul 2, 2011

Driving and Hiking

As I said earlier, I got the opportunity to drive. Just as I was walking out the door with my mom, I got butterflies in my stomach, just as you would when you're next in line on the Rocket at Lagoon, or when you are inches away from kissing the person of your dreams. Yes, I had butterflies just like that. My mom took me to the PGJHS parking lot where I practiced my turning and braking, considering it wasn't much of a parking lot. More like a drop off zone. After that, we made our way to the PGHS to see if they had a Driver's Ed Course, which they didn't. It came about me driving down a traffic-filled road and turning into a church parking lot, where I practiced my parking. I think I got the hang of it pretty well.

There I am, on the wheel. My mom just had to take a picture for Facebook. :)

Also in other news, I went hiking a few days ago with my dad. We went up to Battle Creek Canyon and hiked 1400 feet high, then hiked back down. On the way, I got some pretty good pictures.

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