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Jul 16, 2011

Yes well, I'm Sort of Back

I haven't felt the need to write here for a long time, but it's only because I've been furiously writing chapter after chapter. I'm on the verge of finishing my novel. Nine chapters to go before the first draft of my book is complete, and I'm so excited. My goal is to get it done before the summer ends, that way when school comes along, I don't have to worry about putting off homework so I can write a little chapter here and there. Yes, I'll be reading through it and editing it constantly, and I have a lot of revision to do, but I'm just happy that I've gotten so far. Syrusses's secret is revealed in chapter 33, and Cyran is about to use it to his advantage. Syrusses has been so patient, so determined, and so ready to get this sword, that by the time Syrusses gets to the cave, all control snaps. Will he unleash the sword or not?

On other news, my parents are in Park City right now, meaning my aunt and uncle are here to stay with us to make sure kidnappers don't come along, or if anything happens they'll be here to help. Basically, with them here, it means I can stay up a lot later outside of my room if I wanted. *Snicker* Shh....don't tell anyone. My uncle told me his million dollar novel idea, and I suppose I would read it, but Zombies and smart people? Mm...maybe. We'll see if it turns out okay.

I was in a fictionpress forum yesterday, just lingering, trying to get reviewers for my book, when I came upon something that actually scared me out of my mind:

Sometimes a writer starting out very young has a long writing career ahead of them but other times they never seem to write anything comparable with their first success. Burned themselves out to early, perhaps. Mary Shelley sold Frankenstein at 17, but never came up with anything else you'd want to read. Robert Bloch started writing at 15 and became a famous horror novelist. Stephen King submitted his first story at 15 to Famous Monsters of Filmland. The story was not accepted, the editor felt other young people who did not become well known writers had sent him better stories. Many years later, long after King was world famous, the editor discovered he had an original King story and published it among much fanfare. The magazine it appeared in skyrocketed in value, but it really wasn't as good as other stories by teenagers not interested in making writing their life's work.

Now think about that. I am a young writer. :( I'm scared that all my juice will be gone when I'm older! D: Now you see my dilemma? Yes, you do....ugh....I shouldn't let this get to me, but I can't help but worry. That's why I keep going over my other novel ideas as well, that's why I write down anything that comes to mind in my itsy bitsy notebook downstairs. Ah well, I'm sure I won't be like other authors....I hope. 

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