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Oct 22, 2011

Day Three: Food

To post about food seems like I'm an American teenager who can't stop thinking about (or eating) food. So what if I just posted a few recipes that people could try, and call it good? Or maybe I could just talk about making food? I honestly don't know how to express this blog post with the topic of "food". Thank you, Emily. I didn't think I'd meet my road block so soon...

I had French Toast made by my brother today. It was okay...It was slightly bland. Just...the same. You know?

I had Kettle Chips today. The flavor made my mouth garlic-y.

All day I've consumed drink after drink of orange juice. Yes, delicious. Orange juice is the best beverage in the world.

I've also eaten popcorn bag of microwave popcorn is only 250 calories. That's pretty good.

I'm cutting this post short. Food is food, and there's nothing really to write about other than how succulent and tangy orange juice is and how absolutely rich and delicious chocolate devil cake is.

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