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Oct 26, 2011

Day Five: Pet Peeves

I've missed a few days, but that won't stop me! I'm just going to keep on trucking with this blog challenge, right?

So I was sitting in math today, listening to the F of X lecture and the inverses, and I realized that this really does bug me. So much so, that I've been driven to write all about why it bugs me.

First of all, those "geniuses" have made math way too complicated. As a great person told me, "It was fine until numbers started sleeping with letters." I totally agree with that. Worse still, we have to know if it's a function of not when F of G of X is inversed and we have to know what Inverse Identity is. How does this apply to our lives? I mean, seriously.

My teacher also stresses that we've needed a graphing calculator for a while now, and I've  been able to get by just fine without one. What's his deal? Who invented graphing calculators? If it was you, I HATE YOU. Just saying.

My ultimate pet peeve in the whole wide world, however, is not my indefinite hate for math, nor a math teacher's logic that doesn't make sense to me, but any popping or cracking of the bodily joints. I've actually expressed my dislike in a different post, but I'll tell you again. I hate it. It gives me the chills just to hear the sound. I don't mind watching if I can't hear...unless it's a gross way to crack it...but if I hear it, I'm about ready to throw up. I have been teased all through English by Ryan and Carlan and I will put my foot down. NO LONGER. Not even Nahuel's neck cracking will penetrate this immovable castle around my ears. (They're actually my hands...but they muffle the sound pretty well.)

It bugs me most when I'm caught off guard and someone just does it out of habit. Even people who sit in front of me in class who do it bug me. I don't hate the person...just the action.

Friends, if you crack your body joints, do so at your own...risk? I don't know, just don't do it near me. I swear I might just throw up on your shoes one day.

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