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Oct 20, 2011

Blogger...why me?

I spent fifteen minutes trying to figure out how to comment on a friend's blog post, and ended up letting Blogger beat me. Apparently my google account isn't allowed to view her page, let alone comment on it, so I've lost. Now that I can't post this hilarious comment I was going to post, I've decided that I'll just write a blog post in dedication to my friend Emily who blogs just like me.

"Blogs, just like me," sounds nerdy. I'm proud to be a nerd!

Anyway, Emily J. from Emily J's Pearls of Wisdom had a blog post about a 17-Day blog Challenge that I believe she came up with on her own. My assumptions to her originality is only because of what I will copy and paste following this very sentence below.

The 17-Day Blog Challenge
((copyrighted by Emily Juchau. If you copy and paste without citing me, evil gnomes will kill you in your sleep on Christmas, so watch it, buddy))

1. A Childhood Memory

2. An Early Adolescent Memory

3. Food. (I don't really know why this is on the challenge....I guess I just think that everyone needs to blog about food every once in a while. It's part of being a healthy, well-balanced individual. Haven't you heard of that one Julia Roberts movie?)

4. Phobias.

5. Pet Peeves.

6. Pets.(past, present, and future.)

7. Sports.

8. Twilight.(I will accept both the book series and the time of day.)

9. Zeitgeist ((the spirit of the times))

10. A day entirely in photos. (And if you don't have a camera, you should probably emmigrate from whatever obscure island on which you are located to a place with a Wal-Mart and disposable Kodak cameras.)

11. How you would rule the world.....

12. Is the glass half-empty or half-full? (From your perspective, not the perspective of the drug lord in your Ceramics class....)

13.The rules of manhood (Only if you are a woman. If you're a man and want to do the challenge, express your views on the "rules of womanhood." Don't take this as an opportunity to be sexist. Take this as an opportunity to tell the opposite sex exactly what they ought to be doing to be awesome.)

14. Hero(es)

15. Wheel of Time!!!!!! (if you don't read Wheel of Time, choose a different book series that you're familiar with. I'll also accept movies such as Star Wars. The only requirement is that it has to be "epic," although you'll be hard-pressed to find anything approaching the epicness of Wheel of Time.)

16. 95 Theses (this doesn't necessarily have to be religious, although you can interpret it that way. Historically the 95 Theses were Martin Luther's arguments against the traditions of Catholicism, but in this case, the 95 Theses can be about anything you choose. 95 things you like. 95 things you hate. 95 reasons why curling is a better sport than football. Use your imagination.)

17. The zombie apocalypse, and your escape plan thereof.


It looked so fun to do! I just had to do it! I promised her mentally that I would give her full credit for it so I won't be attacked by evil gnomes on Christmas...that wouldn't be fun.

Her blog reminds me of Hyperbole and a Half, where Allie Brosh's little childhood adventures are just like Emily's. They both put awesome vocabulary words and sarcasm to make the lame adventures seem just plain awesome. Kudos Emily!

Because I'm a nerd, I want to start on this blog challenge today. Meaning, I get to write all about a childhood memory. I won't start it in this blog post, because I'm just very OCD and lame like that.

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