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Oct 10, 2011

Getting in the Halloween Spirit

I'm supposed to "choose" between two sweet sixteens that are both occuring on the same day and at the same time. I'm obviously going with Kaeli's, since Maddy is admittedly very annoying and not nearly as close. I feel bad for the girl. I mean, as far as I know, she was going to have everyone wear their costumes to her party.

What am I being for Halloween? You guessed it! A vampire. Yes, it's classical and cliche after all this vampire epidemic with Stephanie Meyer, but I'm doing it. I haven't been a vampire yet, and I decided that I'm really excited to put on fake fangs and do some elegant makeup work. I get to wear a black dress, and I'm planning on spiking my hair in some way to make it look kick-ass cool. I might even convince my mom to let me borrow her sexy black boots. :D

Basically what it boils down to is: I love Halloween! It's my favorite holiday. Not for the candy, but because of the potential paranormal horror that goes on and all the costumes and orange-and-black-themed parties! It's so exciting! Picnik has already put up their Halloween touches for picture-editing. I'm sure you can guess what I've done!

It's the true, ugly me! Just kidding! I had too much fun with the "zombifying" tool. I'm pretty much excited about my costume for only one thing: The Makeup. I've gotten pretty good with my makeup, if you ask me, thanks to my Beloved (Not-really) Aunt Almond. :D

As you can see, my eyes are goregous. :P Don't let your self esteem plummet or anything. I get to do black eye shadow for Halloween, and I just realized that I might want to even try for colored contacts, maybe? Maybe. Depends on how elaborate my mom will go with me on my costume, and/or if I get paid enough soon.

I know I've been a wizard and a witch and a princess and a freakish female version of Joker for Halloween before. I was a devil baby...when I was a baby. :P I think my brother was a pumpkin and a fat man. OH! I was a Die once! Die as in singular for Dice? Yes. Then that same halloween the box became too bulky to go up porches, so I became just a ghost, since I had white sweats on. In my past halloween years, I've seen a lot of legos. A lot. Of legos. It must have been the big thing, you know?

Now, I know I might be a little old for trick or treating, but honestly? If I go with friends, who would care, right? It might even be fun. Or we can just have a party, which admittedly sounds more sane for people our age...though the parties might get a little insane.

Anyway, what's your halloween going to be like? What are YOU planning on being for halloween?

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