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Nov 16, 2011

Day Nine: Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist: Zeit being the German word for time, and geist being the German word for ghost. The Ghost of Time. When I first read this, I thought to myself, "Hey. What the heck does she mean by that? Time Ghost? It makes no sense! What are we supposed to write about it?" I was about to retype my thoughts nicely in this post. I began typing out the first sentence above, and then I stopped. I suddenly knew what I was going to write about. Emily words it as "the spirit of the times", but I word it as The Ghost of Time because it fits better with how I want to blog about this subject. Stay with me, folks, I know that sentence was a little difficult to comprehend and I probably didn't make it easy on you.

Yes well... I don't necessarily get the picture, but I figured it appropriately went with the topic. (Name wise.) I also figured I need to put more pictures in my posts, otherwise it will all be boring. Very, very boring. Maybe that's why no one reads my blog!

The Ghost of Times kind of sounds like something you would say when you get very serious and lean in to your significant other and monotonously whisper, "The past is catching up to me...I cannot be with you any longer." And then your spouse creates a dramatic, heartbroken exit, only to return in the second film once again.

But it seems zeitgeist is just a word used to define things that happen in a nation. Kind of like how the renaissance was a "zeitgeist" for England after the Roman inhabitant of their early 1000's. It was a past age. Get it? Ha. Ha. I'm brilliant.

But really, Emily...Zeitgeist? I'm going to ask the people of facebook what I should write about it, knowing I'll publish what I have here now, ask the question, get stupid feedback, and then never come to update this post again.

Ta ta!

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