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Nov 4, 2011

Day Seven (Techically): Sports

I've stalled for so long with this topic, obviously, since the time span between day Six and day Seven was not a 24 hour time period. I think it's mostly because sports don't entertain me (or matter to me). I curse Emily for putting sports on her list. Of course, she must have figured guys would want to do this blog challenge as well; if we assume they have blogs and would most certainly talk about sports. Or maybe there are girls who are just crazy in love with sports and have a whole blog dedicated to just hardcore football. The world might never know. O.o

I suppose I could begin with a dreadfully boring introduction about which sports I like, but I feel as though I should challenge my reader into discerning the exact sports that fascinate me more than others by reading between the lines. I'll probably make you read a big long post, and at the very end, you'll find a clean list of the sports I like. That doesn't mean you should skip down to the bottom! Maybe it isn't down there o.O. You might never know.

Men are always obsessing over Football, Basketball, or Baseball. What I don't understand is the real fascination within these sports. You have men with dramatically huge muscles running around in tights and huge shoulder pads with a ball under their arm. They go from point A to point B for a few points. I've been thinking on the phrase "points" or "score". It is an intangible thing that people work to receive, and yet there is absolutely no reward because you cannot hold the points in your hand and say, "Hey, check it out! I have a point!" If we all did that, people might often mistake the phrase, "You sure have a point," for holding a tangible felt number.

The only reward I can really think of is a trophy if they win the world cup or whatever it is in football. Maybe scholarships if they are in college.

That's another thing I don't quite understand. (I probably don't understand all of these aspects to sports because my logic just isn't one with society's.) If a person builds up their hopes and dreams, works their body to perfection, is so close to getting an athletic scholarship that has nothing to do with academics in anyway, and suddenly gets in a car crash, what are they supposed to do? WHY do people award scholarships like that anyway? If you play professional sports and get paid for it, it means you're an entertainer. You might as well have been a gladiator in the Roman Empire. My point is, if you're an entertainer, I think it'd be funnier if you were a comedian, singer, or a Karaoke drunkard.

That's just my opinion. Don't get me wrong! I wholeheartedly and a half agree with exercise. Tis good for you. How on earth did exercise get turned into a game though? I mean, running is good enough for me.

This world will forever confuse me in every way possible. I will NEVER discern the secret to life, and so I'll probably have to live with the fact that I can't know everything, and if I did, I would be miserable.

The End.

((P.S. My favorite sports are Basketball, Tennis, and Volleyball. Yay.))

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