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Nov 29, 2011


It's hard to figure out what judgments to make and when to voice your opinions. I've learned that, and I'll continue to learn that for as long as I live.

Facebook is a horrible website sometimes. That little status bar always taunts me to write something depressing or bust out an opinion that everyone will disagree with. If I don't write anything at all, I just stare at my page and wait for notifications that won't come. If I write something, I would refrain from bad statuses and stick with boring statuses that people just overlook. I'm not mushy gushy in love with someone and write about them on my Facebook like some teenagers are either. Facebook is aggravating, because it's another way to be social with your peers and become popular. Facebook is confusing and creates unnecessary drama that teenagers double into extreme drama online and in real life. Facebook is upsetting in many ways because people think it's a great place to just let rip fights because they're too chicken to confront someone in person. People abuse the power of Facebook by writing discriminative, defensive, offensive, and stupid comments.

And I write stupid and offensive comments too. I'm not excluding myself from those people, because everyone at some point has done it, but I want to try harder to avoid writing comments like that. So long as they are uplifting, cheerful comments, my Facebook will be fine. I should really just pull away from Facebook in general. It's nothing amazing.

My computer life has steeply declined into nothing-land except for those days when I want to vedge with Angry Birds or let out troubling emotions within me through blog. I mostly just use the computer for homework. I haven't been revising my novel either, because my chapters are online and I can't just stare at a computer screen for hours while I write in a notebook. I would print out the chapters, but it's a lot of ink and a lot of paper, and those two things, unfortunately, are expensive.

I wish there were C-days at school. I want at least another four periods for more potential credits and more classes! Desperately I want to learn more and more each day. I want to make my life successful. I want to become a surgeon. But to get there, I have to take years of schooling and training. I have to be the mature one who moves on ahead of my friends to pursue a life I'll be happy with.

I feel sympathy for Kaylynn. I'm sorry, but I do. I feel sorry for Kaeli as well. Their plans for the future aren't clear. They aren't sure. They're predicting it'll be good if they go simple or if they just wing it. I don't sense any preparation in them at all, and I worry.

Sometimes I feel like some old cronie who's lived through the ages and watched lifetimes begin and end. I feel like I'm psychologically and emotionally way ahead of others my age. But other times I feel like a hypocrite or undereducated, because I'm only human. As much as I vy to stay logical and likeable, I always have my downfalls.

Let this be a lesson to you: Think before you say something. I hurt my best friend's feelings because I wasn't being my usual sensitive self to his religion. I accidentally said something, and I regretted it almost immediately, and all because I didn't expand on all the possibilities before I said it.

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