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Aug 13, 2012

The Last Week of the Vacation

Well, for my last week of summer, I'm working every day.

Thursday is his birthday! :D His present is so close to being finished. Just a few more preparations, and voila! I'm sure he'll love it.

All summer I've been stressing about my grammar English Packet. Good news! I finished yesterday morning. They estimated 15-20 hours of work. I used 4 hours. What a wonder I am! (Did anybody else sing Scar's "Be Prepared" song when they read that last sentence? I did...)

I have yet to do some school shopping. This coming Saturday I get off work at three, which is the most rarest occasion ever! So at the end of the week, it's off to Gen X clothing, Rue 21, Plato's Closet, and a store that has many nice pants, for my last pair ripped several weeks ago.

I lied. I have another pair of pants, but they're too tightly skinny, and I can only wear them with boots during the winter after my legs get skinnier.

My plan for this school year?

Run five times a week. Three in the mornings before school, two in the evenings. I'll have to learn to take showers in less than ten minutes. Good luck to myself! When I say run, I don't mean six million miles. Maybe just two or three, depending on the morning. It's my resolution to getting in shape and staying there for the school year. If I make this a hardcore habit, then it will follow me into my college years, and thus further until my adult years are established into a fit program.

This also means I have to eat better. Meaning: no more sensuous sandwiches. :( Or at least, I can't have all the sauces I put on, the pastrami, or the white bread. Wheat, ham, roast beef, MAYBE turkey, I don't really like the turkey there, oil and vinegar, and jack cheese. Ha. This will be great! I also need to figure out what I should do for breakfast. If I run in the mornings, I need to have some kind of energy supplier. A granola bar before class, maybe? A few quick eggs on Tuesdays and Thursdays?

This means I'll have to wake up extremely early and go to bed extremely early in order to keep my sanity. I'll probably stock up on melatonin for the first few weeks just to get me asleep, because lately, I've been up til one and awake by 10:30.  Not very good for the school schedule.

Everything will go according to plan so long as I end up getting this car I saw yesterday. 1990 Honda Accord, 210,000 miles on it. Automatic, so the transmission is getting a little sketchy. My mom predicts it has another year on it, which is just enough time for me to save up for a newer, better car. I'll have transportation to school and home and work, and that's all that matters right now. Time is running out. So I gotta get our mechanic over there to check it out!

Cosmetically, it's 20 years old. But I figure if I can't find a cheap paint job, I'll have fun priming it and spray painting it to my heart's content. Because after I use it, I'm selling it for parts. Maybe one of these days I'll be the one with the KSL ad. Hahahah!

Tonight I'm going to make sure my mom has her payment plan set up, and that I'm registered for school. I have until the end of the week to get my textbooks, and if I don't, I'm screwed. Tuesday and Thursday are the only days this week I can possibly do it. I close every single day this week. ARRGG!!!!

I also need to get my little surprise over to Pepe this week as well. I'm thinking tomorrow just before I leave for work. She needs to know that I miss her, and that I regret pushing her away from me. I made her something extremely awesome. :)

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  1. Just going to say, spray paint is very bad for cars


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