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Aug 20, 2012

Abortion, Politics, and my Obvious Frustration

Abortion is a heavy subject to almost everyone out there. But me.

Is it because I'm so heartless and cynical inside?

I guarantee your fondness of me will disappear after I take the time to reveal a little piece of information about me.

I pretty much gave away the topic with that very first word. Abortion.

It's an interesting line of thinking, to put it lightly. It's straightforward and regrettable. It's heartrending and painful. Though if you look at it from my perspective, it's a choice. No politician has the right to tell us whether or not we can do such an act to our bodies. It's OUR body. It's not theirs. They might believe differently, they might be disgusted by it, and that's okay, but when they start to interfere with someone else's choice, then things get heated.

I look at things with a lot more logic than most people do. I'm more about the facts. In the earlier stages of pregnancy, the only thing that matters is that it lives and grows. But so does every other cell in your body. Hell, we cut off all kinds of skin cells, hair cells, bone cells, etc, for our own beauty. That's all the child is when it starts off. A cell.

We women have 2,000 of those ready to go whenever we want.

Once you get attached to the baby, feel the baby, love the baby, that's when it starts to seem inhuman and terrible to kill it. That's when the mother makes the decision. Does she keep it, go into debt, change her life around, raise it, then regret life? Or does she let it go, continue with her original plans in life, and have one later when she's completely ready?

Granted, if someone aborts a baby just for the hell of it, then that is sick, wrong, and shouldn't be awarded brownie points in life. 

I'm only supporting abortion because it doesn't effect anybody else but the mother and the child. So why does everyone have to get so caught up and angry about it? Why do we have to choose sides? It's just as "important" as caring about that bent page in a book. I don't really care about abortion so much as I care about the extravagance that is made because of abortion.

First the colors of our skin, then what sex we are, then how we choose to share our love between sexes, then how we can take care of our own bodies? Next we'll be on marionette strings and flopping around like animals, bending to the wills of men we ourselves voted for.

Why does this world have to be so conflicted, so screwed up? I guess I shouldn't say that. No life, no world, no society or people can truly be normal. Normal is only a casual word to describe petty things. Normality probably doesn't exist. Maybe that's why it's so easy to be...weird.

Listen to me. You see what trying to pay attention to politics does? She shouldn't have to.

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