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Dec 7, 2011

Henry Rosenbluff

Henry Rosenbluff
Henry Rosenbluff
Wasn't very tough.
He sneezed with a cup,
And always said "sup!"

His eyes were too big,
His feel like a pig,
But Henry, you see,
Was like you and me.

Henry Rosenbluff
Wasn't very buff.
He picked up some twigs
But couldn't lift pigs.

His arms were too small,
He wasn't very tall.
But Henry, you see,
Was like you and me.

He had a pet Zouse
Which looked like a Mouse
His nose was tiny
But he wasn't whiny.

Henry Rosenbluff
Had had quite enough.
His ears had twitched,
His armpits itched

And loudly he cried,
"I've already tried!"
But Henry, you see,
Had only one knee.

When he knelt on down,
And looked about town,
Henry Rosenbluff
Let out a small snuff.

"I'm just like you, see.
No need to tease me.
I may look different.
That's what I had meant."

"I eat with two hands,
I live in three lands,
But listen here, you!
I am human too!"

Henry Rosenbluff
Wasn't very tough.
But he had ideas
To build some ikeas.

So respect people.
Respect a steeple.
Our little Henry
Grew up quite wealthy.

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