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Dec 8, 2011

A Wish for a Wonder

Original Poem; Robert Frost Mimic

A Wish For A Wonder

The Gothic beauties that engulf my mind
Create a sensation within my soul--
Such is the feeling of flying far East.
Elongated and sinister is the
Very architecture of His people.
I see only images and movies
Yet my heart thinks I am there. What I would
Give to soar with the heights and stand in the
Galleries; curl into a ball at the
Altar and stare up into the apse. I
See myself swaying precariously
Along the buttresses at flight, tracing
The ribs with a lick of my finger. I
Wish to climb to the roofs and spread my wings
To taste some of the European air.
How sad it would seem, to not once partake
Of this exciting thrill I imagine
To experience, and never once walk
Amongst the admirers like myself.
How pathetic it may be, to never
Kiss my beloved whilst twisted in vines.
Why should I never lay my eyes on the
Sparkling glass of many colors and not
Ooh and ahh? To think if I were to guess
How the thin arches held such weighted stone;
And wonder how men reached heights of fiction
during their age. Balance and wonder rests
Within the spacious lofts of these finely
Crafted Cathedrals I will one day greet.

Amien - Paris, France

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