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Apr 27, 2011

Decoding "I Think So"

I think so. But if I think so, am I really thinking "so" or is it a lazy way of saying yes? But so sounds like "no" so would I be disapproving? I think so. Oh now there I go, saying "so" when it probably means "no". It makes me wonder why people say "maybe". Of course, it's an in between word, and no one likes people who only go half-way. It's like we're playing monkey in the middle here. Yes is an extreme answer, no is an extreme answer, and maybe is a weak answer. Which relates it to "I think so". So now we're back to the mystery phrase. They both might as well be poor math substitutes for the real thing: I don't Assimilate. "I don't know" isn't even weak. It's a lazy form for what you could say to sound smart. I think so... Moving from the "so" incident, shouldn't you "know" rather than "think"? See, now this is a question of genius or stupidity. What if you don't think, but you are certain. You know so. But now this can barely cross the line of questioning "so" again. You know yes? You know no? What if I don't like "I". Any pronoun could be put in there. What if she knows so? Ah but everyone knows "she" is a boring form of a Proper Noun. That's why Loquacious Zucchini knows so. There, strong, right tot he point, except for that "so". It still bugs me. If I know a so, then wouldn't that be giving "so" a name? I'd have to capitalize "so". So that way So would actually seem important. See? Alfonso knows So. It makes me wonder whether So should have a mustache or an old-man-neck-beard. But what if So is a pet? Would So be a chihuahua or a whale? So should have a gender. Sound pretty feminine, does it not? Now that Loquacious Zucchini knows So, I can probably introduce the problem concerning "maybe". You see, this all might be true of So. If we're saying talkative vegetables have gotten to meet a female whale by the name of So, we'll both be a little crazy. That is why weak little "maybe" strolls along and cures our insanity by pathetically being present. It maybe is all of the above...or it is maybe just a little "so". Of course, maybe, as we've discussed is weak and caught in the middle of the extremities. Why can't yes stop being lazy? Yes has too many replacements. Sure, totally, okay, in due time, of course, I think so...maybe so.... Oh. So now So has a buddy, and of all buddies, it's maybe? This language is messed up. But maybe if we stripped so of it's personality, and place in the Proper Nouns, and bumped "maybe" up into a normal word rank, the two words could actually be left alone...

I think so...

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  1. Mindy... I love it! And I followed it, which is odd, because most couldn't, or would be to lazy to do so... much like maybe... But it's a fantastic concept :) Love you!


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