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Apr 9, 2011

Spring Break

So it's April 9th, and the start of Spring Break for me. :D Excitement! I get to sleep in! But that's not only it. April has a lot going on, and I'm psyched for the activities I get to do, and the hopeful event of just hanging out with friends over the week. We have a calender in our family room, in the midst of boxes and junk, it merely hangs there. It's the only decoration, but it's bright and happy. April's picture is of grass with large drops of dew on it in close up, but the background is orange and yellow and spring-like.'s snowing outside. It's April. Utah; You Suck. The reason I brought up my calender, however, is because when I look at it, quite a few dates have scribbled in events all over it: and that's a sure sign of a busy week. My brothers have field trips galore this month also, filling up the calender even more. See, we have spring break this week, David has two field trips to the Monte Cristo Space Center next week, I have a trip to a fancy french restaurant for Teen Living, I'm getting a Baby Simulator thing on the 22nd, and Easter is coming up, along with different book releases of our favorite series and my High School registration. I'm not going to forget now! Either way, I'm psyched for this reason. Even in May, we got a book release, my friends' musical, and testing that's going on. Even a ninth grade trip to Lagoon this year. You won't believe how flipping excited I am for that. Woot! Party!!!

Not to mention that on top of all of that, we still have the posibilitiy that we might move sometime in between. Most likely in May, but it could be anytime. I've decided not to dwell on that, which is why I'm so glad I'll have all these distractions and things to do. So wish me luck! Spring Break might be a little boring, but I'll get to get a book I've been waiting for FOREVER. Finally!!!!!!!!!!

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