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Apr 20, 2011

A Strange, Strange World

When you think about it, it truly is a strange world. All the things I learn about in school now has me thinking deeper, and beyond things I need to think about. Take bacteria for instance. The fact that they will cause you to get sick and have a miserable day at school isn't something you want to dwell on; merely a fact. So when you do go to school, knowing you've awaken with a sore throat and a runny nose, and you have a bad day, you should blame the bacteria. Not your friends, or your teachers, or the name of the day (Wednesday), or Utah's bipolar weather; but bacteria. Those little cells that get anywhere into your body are the ones that have caused you this pain. I just can't believe how many there are on this planet, or how many can be deadly. Don't you assimilate? I can't simply say "School sucks". No, I must deeply think about things before I can say anything about my condition, but only when I have the energy to do it. Right now, I can just say "Yeah, I'm sick, leave me alone" and be done with it.

You see? They are gross and tiny and ugly and misery-causing. As of right now I am sniffing up a headache, and have already taken stupid nasal pills and ibruprofen to keep me happy. No dice. I'm still in a sour mood, and it's all because of a crappy day at school. I'm sure people noticed too, but almost resistance-free of doing something, my don't care attitude, and my lacking in conversation. Yes, that is what happens when I'm depressed or sick. But people, amazingly, won't let it go. No. I have to always be happy. I must always be cheerful and optimistic. Today was my free day to just feel ugh, and I had a good excuse to back me up. It's a good thing my voice sounded sick, otherwise people wouldn't believe me and keep telling me to "Be happy" or "stop being sick". Hey! Another devilish thing about bacteria. They'll only leave when they want, or until your immune system zaps them away, which still takes a while. Blarg. I hate life. It's full of unsatisfying things. Things like murder and pain, homework and boredom, fatness when eating pleasurable foods, sicknesses and diseases, dominating plans over plans you want, pessimistic people, socially awkward people, aggravating people, people in general... temptations, gross hygiene, work, uncomfortable beds, annoying commercials, bad media, unfortunate news, heavy textbooks, slow computers, undefinable actions stupid people do, coldness, cold rain, not having a way to get somewhere except walking five miles, judging extended family members, religion, mo-mo's, sending a text and the person not getting it, Lima beans, Chihuahuas, school, batteries dying on you, Styrofoam, glitchy video-games, broken trampolines, annoying chatterboxes, people who use grammar wrong, people who don't want to read my writings, people who are snobby rich men, being poor, and last, but not least, to conclude my sparsly summarized displeasures of life, People Who Crack Any Body Part. It is the most nastiest thing a person can do, and the most bone-chilling thing for me to listen to. It's like cracking your inner bones like glow sticks. It's not right!!! It's so messed up and gross. I hate it!

Blah. I dislike a ton of stuff. That paragraph was very very short for a list of things I don't find satisfaction in. I only truly hate one thing in this lifetime, and that is indeed body-part cracking. I was tortured today in first period by this kid who sits next to me. It's like every time Mr. Earling turns off that damn light, this stupid kid has to crack his knuckles. Let me tell you right now; the cracks could practically be gunshots. It can't possibly be normal for his finger knuckles to be that loud and that messed up. I would like to tell him how I hate it so, but I barely know the kid, and I can't just lean over and say "Yo, your knuckle-cracking is gross, and I don't want you doing it." A nicer sentence would still be mean. So all I can do now is sit and plug my ears until it's over, knowing that with every loud, gunshot-like crack, the guy is messing up not only my ears, but his body. Eeuughyyuucckk. It's soooo gross...


  1. I agree with all of it! especially the people and knuckle cracking!

  2. Haha aww Mindy... the knuckle cracking... I'm sorry, I just don't think about it... I just do it, and I apologize if you are around to hear such a "terrible" sound... I'll try and be more aware... I noticed you did have a bad day today.. and for that I am sorry... BUT you did beat me at yahtzee for the first game AND you had a snickers bar! Which is always good despite calories and crap... I love you though Mindy, and you deserve to have days where you just want to be grouchy.. cuz ironically sometimes those days just feel good. Love you! You are my friend, and I am yours, and I shall love you no matter what mood you wish to be in! :D


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