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Apr 30, 2011

Saturday Packing

I'm thankful the snow is gone, because this morning there was a full blanket of snow sitting tauntingly outside. By noon, it was all gone and we had a big big trailer to fill with boxes. We got most of the boxes that held important everyday items in, and it's not even half-way full yet. Yes, we have boxes out in the garage, but that will be for another trailer, and then we'll get the furniture loaded tomorrow. By then, I'll be able to go to my new house and help unload and unpack. Already the house is feeling less cluttered of boxes and back to the way it was before we began packing...except that this time the kitchen is a disaster, garbage is everywhere, and there is still a lot of crap cluttered everywhere. Who knew that moving out of a house after living in it for six years was such a hassle? Anyway, later tonight we should be bringing those boxes to the new house and unloading, though apparently I won't be a part of it. All the guys are going....and for once, I want to be a guy. Just for this reason to go and help unload...and be stronger. Oh well.

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  1. Dang Mind, sorry, moving is a bitch haha. For real though, had I not been stuck at home and rehearsals I would've helped you for sure... sorry :/


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