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May 18, 2011

Dissecting New Knowledge

An unfortunate matter has arisen. The title...I'm afraid to correct. I dissected a rat today. Not a frog, but a rat, and only Drew, out of Brett and Kaylynn and him, helped me dissect it. Earlier in the year I was the only one who dissected the owl pellet as well. Kaylynn will deny this tremendously, but my mom said that Brett and her were wusses because they didn't want to touch the rat. :P It wasn't as bad as it looked, especially when there isn't blood anywhere and only watery guts. Oh let me tell you, those intestines were very interesting. It makes me wonder what MY intestines look like. Probably bloody if you dissected me this very moment. Gross. Anyway, the skin was easier to get off than the muscle on the legs. That muscle took us forever, and we were super far behind the other lab groups by then. So we never got to poke out the eyes or see the brain. It's a shame, really, because I was looking forward to that part. Oh but we did get to see the diaphragm, lungs, and heart. I believe Drew found the Esophagus, and I a turd within the confines of a large intestine. Oddly enough, that was what grossed me out more, not the many lobes of a brown liver or the bright red of the kidneys. Oh those intestines were long. I can hardly imagine having twenty two feet of intestines in my own body. Anatomy, I discovered, is pretty fun to learn about. So I guess it's good I'm taking Physiology in tenth grade.

Because Drew and I dissected, I felt more of a man today, and decided I might as well read Romeo's part in English rather than Juliet's. Juliet is a wuss. So I'd much rather be a man. Although, the pictures of a play that accompanied the play read in our books had an ugly Romeo. It didn't matter, I used my manly voice to read with. Praise Hallelujah! Praise Allah! Praise the Lord of All Aardvarks in the Sky! Today has succeeded.

So, referring back to my post a couple weeks back, I decided I'm going to continue writing "Stars Don't Fall/Wvern's Destruction". Because I'm not getting anywhere with "A Search for the King" currently, and I suddenly felt this random pull towards the previous story. Don't ask me why, but I believe it was because of Three Days Grace. I listen to them, and I reflect on their lyrics, and for some reason, their sound, his voice, the music, the lyrics, it all fits with my fantasy story. They have love songs, they have rebellion songs, they have plain old beat-the-hell-out-of-you songs, and they most certainly have evil villain songs that I like. Bwahaha! I think "On My Own" by TDG is the best connection to my story, because it  brings out Cyran's personality so well, I can't even wrap my head around it. As well as Cyran's journey traveling and leaving McKenzie, then coming back and finding she was gone, and then he was alone with no one in this world, considering his evil brother left to take over the world and the love of his life disappeared because of his brother. Ha. It's great!

Anyway, I'll let you go. I don't like the word Dissect, I discovered. And I most certainly don't like it as a title for this post. Oh well.


  1. i dessected a worm today, then we'll do a crayfish, then a cow eye, and finish with a frog


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