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May 14, 2011

Pepe Les Dork =D

Kaylynn "Pepe" Farley is the best person to ever enter my life. Not only because she's so much like me, but because she is the most hilarious, most capable, most understanding woman to ever be considered my Bif. (BFF). Holy Bikinis Pepe! If you are reading this, then don't for one second deny or shake your head at anything I am about to say, because it sure as hell is true, and you know it.

First of all, I must make it clear to the world that she is in fact, beautiful and kind, (When she wants to be) and when she feels like it, she'll be in the world's most best, silliest mood to show it. I know I say this a lot, but moods definitely turn my mood, and her moods are definitely in sync with mine...somewhat. Sometimes I'm a little too stupid for my own good. But that's the best part, because when I am, she isn't afraid to be a dork with me. I admit, her sarcasm has rubbed off, and some of her weird noises when she's concentrating on something, but otherwise, it's just like we're meant to be friends. Where was she in seventh grade when I was miserable? forget that. It's not like I need a Pepe pill to survive off of...those are for freaks. (I know a few of those freaks....freaks.)

Sometimes we embarrass each other or ourselves, but it's hard to hate each other or be mad at each other. We shrug it off because we know the other won't hold it against us or remember it for always, so we just laugh and high five. Before having Pepe there to help me or be with me, like a friend should, I had other friends who weren't like this. I mean, yes, we had inside jokes, but I felt like I couldn't confess anything to them...but Kaylynn is always there for me.

So this is for you, Kaylynn, and I hope you don't forget this, because I didn't write it for nothing. Next time you say you love me, or that I'm your bif, I don't even have to say it out loud for you to know it's just the same for you. You'll always be my bif, and you'll always be my friend, even if we won't have classes together next year.

<3 you. ;)

P.S. Your yellow nail polish smells like Banana. I SWEAR. I bet it's no coincidence either...another conspiracy theory...

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  1. Aww Mindy, you are so great... like seriously I love you :) Just be expecting a blog post in return... twaha :D


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