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May 7, 2011

A Strange Week

So, the weekend after a previous weekend. They always come, you can't stop them. What makes this weekend stupid, however, is the fact that last weekend was the big move, and that now I'm typing my first blog post while sitting somewhere that isn't my old house. It's my new house, to be quite frank. I think I'm getting a headache from looking at the computer...I haven't been on for quite a few days now, and that's probably my most longest break from the computer. Don't think I'm an addict. I mean completely away. Like...not even getting on for homework or checking emails real quick, which was what I was doing previously. Anyway, yeah, point is, I haven't been on for a while, and because of that, I can't focus my eyes on the words I'm typing currently.

As for a boring weekend, I must make it clear to my readers what I have done throughout the week/weekend. My last post was about last Saturday, when I was packing all day. I guess I should talk about Sunday, and the turnout from the ward. It was the official moving day, and the last day I would live in that house again. To be completely honest, I like this new house, and I will never miss the other house, despite living in the place for six years and leaving behind memories. (Please don't battle me over that phrase, because as I had just said, it is a phrase.) This new house I sit in is right up against the mountain in PG, and I think it's pretty cool. We're on a very steep slant, and our deck is very tall and very big. The kitchen is doable, the family room perfect. My bedroom is coming along pretty well, considering I had went to the store and bought a lot of brightly colored accessories for it. Anyway, Sunday we had half the ward's men come to our house and help us move out. They were always joking about whether the neighbors loved us enough to help us, or if they just wanted us gone. :P Haha, it was pretty funny. I vaguely remember being hugged by a random guy I didn't know, but he was a sweetheart it turned out, so it was okay.

Anyway, I don't want to dwell too much on Sunday, for it was exhausting and long and frustrating. But Monday was pretty well. I have a bathroom down by my bedroom, and Tyler and David share it with me. But it's huge. It's really nice, and it was fun to get ready for school down there, instead of having to do it in my bedroom. I decided to wake up before six-thirty and hog the bathroom until a little past six-thirty, because Tyler wakes at six-thirty and wanted to take a shower immediately when he woke, but I wouldn't let him since he had so much time. He got frustrated, but I'll teach him. >:) At school I had only a few questions about moving from friends, but it didn't bug me like having injuries would, so I was fine. After school, Gary and Almond, my "Adopted" aunt and uncle, were over and Almond and I had a little too much fun with a second grader joke book...oh the mood we were in. Oh the jokes. We got Costco pizza as well that night. Pretty good night.

Tuesday blurred by. Nothing to report there. Wednesday, however, was great, because I got to hang out with Kaylynn and her family for a while. I went home with Kaylynn, helped her get ready for the school musical she was in (Bye, Bye, Birdie), and went with her family to the play. It was a good night, because all my friends were so good in there. Brett, dude, I can't stress enough how hilarious you were. Drew had that whole Elvis character for Conrad Birdie, and Kaylynn....she was in ensemble, but her dancing was really good. I'd say so about her singing...but they were all singing at the same time. It wasn't like I could hear just HER voice.

Thursday and Friday were both just...normal. I mean, it wasn't something I can remember and report about, otherwise they would both have their own paragraphs for themselves. Anyway, now it's Saturday, and I am building up my room with the building money I collect from babysitting. It's coming along pretty well, because I've decided I'll have a green and orange room. :D It's so exciting! The rug, throw blanket, and pillow are all so super sickly furry....ahhhhhh.....I'll sleep well to night.

Over and Out!


  1. Yay for moving and stuff! Haha, wow... thank you for bringing out the fact that I'm a loser haha. Let us all be reminded that I couldn't be a lead even if I had the talent to do so because of volleyball so there. I'm so glad that things are finally settling down though, becoming less stressful. P.s. are you coming tomorrow? I guess I'll find out. Just curious.

  2. Not tonight...I have homework. :(


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