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May 25, 2011


It's 7:23 on a Wednesday morning, and I sit here typing these words stiffly with only one hope in my thoughts: Warmth. If it rains today, I think that will be the typical downer of my day, the key domino that leads me to having an entirely suckish day, all day. So why do I trouble my readers with these scary thoughts? Well it's because of my yearning for the end of the school year. This week especially. Starting Friday I'll be able to buy my bus wrist band so I can go to lagoon, and then the first of June it's some sort of freshman thing...I'm not even going to school on the Third, considering it's two hours long and a waste of time and gas. Well, those are all next week, and this week it is merely Wednesday. The middle of the week. Sunday passed by too quickly for my own good. Although Monday was the last Monday of the school year, I still thought that it dragged on way too long. Tuesday as well. Tuesday was a monster, in fact, considering I snapped at a friend in defense for Pepe. I doubt he likes me very much now. Whatever. I never really enjoyed his company all that much either. :|

I guess what I'm trying to say, despite my sudden changes in subjects, is that if it won't be warm today, then my anticipation for Wednesday has been crushed. I only waiting patiently for this day because my phone "Weather" Widget said it would be in the seventies, partly cloudy. Waking to the weather man saying there's a chance for rain isn't helping my spirits though. Can you believe Utah's weather? If you are a reader that doesn't live in Utah, then I shall tell you this: The weather is extremely bipolar. One minute it's raining and gloomy, and then the next hour you're shrouded in luscious sunshine. What is this? I think it's the start of a changing climate, sorta like the hottest our planet can get, and then moving back into an ice age. I wonder what it would be like to be in an Ice Age...? Cold. I do no like the cold. I am weak. Yes.

So anyway, I have merely two chants for the Lord in the Sky whom rains Aardvarks. Summer. Summer. Summer. And Sunshine sunshine sunshine. 

The End

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