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May 13, 2011

Dear John

No, it's not an original title from me, it's a movie....and a good movie that jerked horrendous, ugly-Mindy-making tears from my otherwise impervious attitudes towards romances. This will be a big spoiler to those who haven't seen it, so if you haven't seen it, and you really want's on instant Netflix at my house. ;) Okay, anyway, I must admit, it was a pretty good romance. However, it wasn't the kisses or the leaving each other so John could go to the army, it was the other characters. Allan. And his Dad. Both Autistic, but I never realized how much I could cry for them. The mood was just perfect, touching me at the right moments, and with John getting shot, and him reading his last letter to his father, I swear I could barely see the TV screen through my tears. Ugh. Sorry, because it's over, and I'm on to happier topics with my writing...sorta...well, if you count blood and guts spewing all over a battlefield...anyway, since then, I've been feeling a little slap-happy. Like my change in moods are overbearing and uncontrollable. Is this how bipolar people feel? I wish no offense to them, I'm merely curious. I have an open mind that sort of flies everywhere without stopping to think if it would be rude to someone or whatever. Jeez. I can't spell tonight. I mean, it may look perfect, but really, I've been typing, deleting, fixing, typing, getting tired of deleting, using the cursor, deleting, typing....Yeah. Anyway, I don't know what else to write, considering there is nothing more to actually talk about, so I wish you all a happy Friday, wherever you may be...unlike me....sitting at home watching gushy romances for a Friday I need a life.

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