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Aug 24, 2011

The School Week

People are obsessed with them, yet I don't get them. Sure, I'm good at Lego games and Guitar Hero, but any other game just makes me dizzy or they don't appeal. How do they do it? I'd much rather spend time on the computer typing up things like this, or seeing what my friends are doing on facebook than play video games. Of course, that's just me. I admire that people can do it for so many hours straight without going insane. I think I'd be one of the insane people if I were forced to do so... I also know that I would not be able to get work done if that were the case, which is why I don't do video games often. Only recently have I just started again. I play a few songs on guitar hero, because I'm good at it, and then I go crash. :| That's basically it. School, homework, sleep. *Sigh* Did I mention that I have homework now?

Basically what's going on is Algebra 2 will be assigning me homework assignments every day. So long as I do them and the quizzes, I don't fail the class. AP Art History is promising me lots of projects and notes and work, but I absolutely adore the teacher. Journalism will be fun. I'm sure that I'll have some work to do in there as well. Physiology gives me the feeling that I might not do so well, since I recently found out that it's concurrent enrollment, which is basically taking a high school class and a college class at the same time, but I don't think there's a test at the end of the year like AP classes. So long as I pass... German? A breeze. English? There's gonna be some work in there as well. Fitness will just wipe me out all day...I know it. I'll have a hard time staying awake when I get home. Like I am now. Umm...I stared at the screen for like five minutes just barely, trying to remember what other classes I have-- oh. Driver's Ed. So long as I don't miss a class, I'm good there. Work should be moderate.

Yep well...High School. The mother load.


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