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Sep 13, 2011

My Goal Pyramid

I'm turning my dreams into goals. Sometimes, though, you wish for something big. Something hard to get. Like a lifetime accomplisment or your dream career. I was overwhelmed when the counselors started talking college and so I took to my own way. An inverted Pyramid, expressing my main goal at the top and most important, and the goals I make to get to that goal.

Tell The World My Opinion: I want my voice to be heard by anyone out there willing to listen. Not my friends or parents. I want to make a different through what I say and how the world understands me. The only way I can really think to do that is achieving a smaller, but just as important goal.

Best-Selling Author and Journalist: This has always been my dream since I found out I could write. Journalism is just something that is fun, another way to express my opinion, and a career I wouldn't mind participating in. It's a way to make myself known and a way to make myself heard. I can't get here though, until another goal is accomplished.

Northwestern University in Chicago: To get a bachelors in Journalism here would be amazing! Maybe even a master's degree. I won't go here until I go somewhere else first.

Utah State University: I plan to get my master's degree in English (Literature, Creative Writing, etc). That way I'll have experience and know what I'm doing to become a best selling author. To get here, I have to go somewhere before this college.

Utah Valley University:  Where I can knock out my required courses and AP and Concurrent Enrollment quickly while I stay with the parents and keep my job wherever it may be then. How do I do UVU?

Graduate High School: It's a major goal for everyone else I know. It's the only way I know to get where I want to go, and the only way to be even a little bit successful in life if my goals aren't attained.

College Credit Classes: Basically I want to take as much college credit classes as I can while I'm in high school so cost is reduced and I won't be wasting too much time before I get to Utah State.

Save 10-20% of Income for college: Even five percent of your money goes a long way and adds up. I want to save as much I can, and still get by for everything else I may have to buy, like gas and clothes and car. It would also go towards Credit classes in case I have to pay.

Job: To get to the saving aspect of my life, I need a income first, and that means a job. I'll start off at Sensuous Sandwich. But before I get a job, what would I do?

Write: It's the only productive thing I know how to do beore I get a job. I'm not complaining. It's good practice.

Be Myself: And even before I write, I have to accept myself for who I am. If I don't, that opinon I want to share with the world will be empty, and possibly thought better of. It may never get out. I have a chance to be myself, before all of this, and that's what I'll do until I'm sixteen.

Except that these aren't the only goals I will/am focusing on. No. I want to marry and get my dream truck, and my liscense this year and see Joey and possibly have a maximum of two kids and I want desperately to Travel with Almond. I won't let these dreams go either. I'll achieve them through hard work and honesty. I'm determined.

How about you? Do you have goals to accomplish a goal? I suggest you get one if you don't, because it's amazing where baby-steps will get you.

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