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Sep 13, 2011

Love: Opinionated Account of the Robust, Awesome Notebook

For English I am required to write fourteen journal entries about Love. It can be virtually anything, so long as it's associated with "love" and so being the procrastinator that I am (Sometimes), I did eleven out of fourteen in one night. However, I found my entries so fascinating and beautiful I've decided to write them out here. Let's pretend the dates are true.

Sept. 4

Bits and pieces of love don't always come from a hardcore relationship or your mommy's wet kiss. Love can be found in the simplest of gestures made by your brother, who on the outside, doesn't show his love. For example, when his only way to eat a second slice of pizza is to make sure everyone has had a slice, he'll grandly shake me awake from my nap. In a sense, he'll only be doing it for himself, but if you see the bigger picture, you'll understand that he'll still leave a piece for me, even if he had a chance to eat a whole pizza. He loves me, and he'll show it in the oddest of ways, even when he truly says he "hates me".

Sept. 4

Love for an object, such as a teddy bea or an action figure comes when you're young, and often times as adults, we are afraid to express this love because it's seen as childish. Religion says not to be attached to wordly things, yet you still are. Most religion, that is. I am in lovew ith my iPod. It is oe wordly item that I could never let go.

Sept. 4

Every author uses the standards in "romance". First, they have a super unflawed, hot hero who goes after the beautiful/sexy damsel in distress or Heroine. Second, they fall in love in record time;a time that doesn't seem logical or realistic. Then they have hardcore makeout/sex scenes. The hard part is actually differing from this set of classic standards. I'll never be completely different either.

Sept. 5

Love is defined as an emotion that expresses affectio to another person. There are many degrees of love, including those of which Utah's society, as well as many others, don't speak freely about. We are free to love whomever we choose and we shouldn't have to be judged or discriminated against for it. If a man wishes to be in love with another man, so be it. How is it going to affect you? Homosexuality is seen as immoral, but only because we are used to seeing our mommy and daddy kiss. Sure, our bodies weren't designed to reproduce man-man or woman-woman, but thank God for adoption agencies. Most of us laugh at the thought of homosexuality, but we don't stop to think. What if our preferences of man to woman were originally frowned upon? You still find it comfortable and you certainly would't want to be laughed at because of that. Cruel men physically hurt homosexuals because it's "wrong". They hurt them so much, that sometimes a man almost kills his victim. Most of us here agree murder is wrong, even murder of a "gay man". We, as children born of straight parents, are experiencing new changes and we don't react maturely. Even adults don't act maturely. A scholarship for being Lesbian or Gay sounds silly to most of you, but it's more than just a way to get money because of sexual orientation. Your homosexual peers go to school everyday, knowing they'll be faced with teasers and rumors and dislike. They have the hardest time socially, yet they manage to succeed in school, despite those anti-homo comments posted on facebook. The world should lighten up. It's just love. No one should have to be judged because they love someone. We think people who marry mentally disabled men or women are heroes, yet we think it's disgusting to kiss the same gender? We are the monsters here, not them.

Sept. 5

There are loves: one deeling with multi-relationships. It's called Polyamory. "Many loves". Mutual consent is the key word to this kind of love. It's not popular, barely heard of here in Utah, and it's frowned upon as homosexuality and Polygamy is. Two couples with mutual consent fall in love with each other and share sexual relations between them. For religious people, this would seem disgusting and wrong. For open-minded people, it may seem new; something to research, witness, experience, and then create an opinion. In the end, it's still love. Just as homosexuality and Polygamy is love. They wouldn't do it if they didn't benefit from it emotionally.

Sept. 5

Polygamy is another controversal issue everyone argues, and once again, I'm going to point out that the base structure for their reasons, actions, and thoughts, is because they love each other. The term "Sister wives" wasn't derived from estimation. They all love him. He loves them all. The wives love each other as sisters as well. It's a hard working relationship that involves unity, love, and morals. They wouldn't do what they do if they didn't love each other. Certainly a child wouldn't eat twix candy bars if he didn't love them. Our minds are not open. To not see the normal love within the conflicting change of relationship around it means that you are not thinking. You might never do it, but it doesn't ean you should discriminate and judge against it. They don't do it to you.

Sept. 6

A relationship consists of a girl and a boy, in this society's standards, and they see each other at least weekly. What about long distance relationships? One might be here, while the other might be in Connecticut all the way across the country. "Don't waste your time", one might say. What if the personality you fell in love with is hundreds of miles away? Would you give up on them simply because everyone thinks long distance won't work and that it's weird? It may not be as weird as relationships Ive described in previous entries, but it sure is another one out of the norm. At least they love each other, right?

Sept. 6

Sometimes I think about stories I've read where the man abuses the woman in the relationship and she still doesn't leave even though it's the right thing to do. I think that the reason she doesn't leave is because she still loves him. There's an aspect about him that is left untouched by evil. She loves him enough to believe he can change when he never does. For someone to keep holding on to that sort of love, it means they have determination and strength, when all else may fail anyway.

Sept. 7

I love my best friend, but not in a creepy attracted way. "I love you" has become a very light term and Pepe and I use it al the time. We both know that we mean it when we say it, but sometimes I wonder if it might be too strong for other friendly relationshps, especially with a boy, ex, or girl-friend that might take it too seriously. "I luff you, bif" has become our expression of sisterly love now, and I think it fits well.

Sept. 7

Sometimes I wish she were my real aunt. Almond is married to Gary, and together, they make the family's close and personal friends. They are seriously like  my aunt and uncle. Almond is amazing, and in a way, I'm just like her. I love her. I know she loves m e. We share secrets and a love for reading and it makes me happy whenever she comes over to hang out with us. It's a love I can only feel for her, and it's almost indescribable.

Sept. 10

It's amazing to see anyone tolerate Maddy, let alone a guy as her "boyfriend." Pepe and I walked to class in awe of Quinten's derangement, yet tolerance for Maddy's inappropriate, sporadic, and sometimes unpredictable actions, thoughts, and responses. If not love, then it must be some kind of like for her, and I am amazed. Completely amazed.

Sept. 11

Love for my family grows ten-fold when they get together on Sundays. It's the most relaxed, often funnest days we spend together. I haven't loved my family completely until Gary and Almond came along, and then the love just sky rocketed. But only on Sundays. I can't stand any other days with them.

Sept. 12

The relationship between my mother and I is something special and something most of my friends don't have. Especially my friends. My mom and I understand each other and we can predict each other's actions. She's trusting in me, and I in her, and I have never once argued with her. She knows what I wat and supports me 100%. I love her so much, and she loves me.

Sept. 13

One love is the emotional tie between humans and pets. Hondo wa my golden retriever, and I might add that love comes with broken hearts. The day we gave that beautiful dog away was the day I fully unleashed my tears It was like losing a chunk of my beating heart and feeling escaping blood pump into my thoracic cavity. It was painful, but I'll never forget his memory and the memories he created.

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