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Sep 22, 2011

Why is it so Complicated?

Look at a regular relationship between a boy and a girl. Now look at nowaday's teenagers. The self confidence is slowly diminishing. With every potato chip eaten, another gram of weight is gained, and they don't have the self control to stop it. Instead of doing something about it, teenagers decide it would just be easier to hide their beautiful bodies in an extra large jacket or talk down to themselves. Weight isn't the only problem. Maybe they just don't feel social enough or they feel they lack the looks or they aren't smart enough or they aren't necessarily popular. How would one writer be able to change the outlook on this? How would one person help and change the feelings of at least one teenager in this world?

Everyone hears the saying "You're beautiful on the inside," or "You're a babe, don't lie to yourself." But once a girl hears the very words that may ruin her, "You're a whore," she tends to believe it a little too quickly. She accepts it without even questioning it, and she suddenly begins to worry and wish she had brought a change of clothes. Paraphrased  from Claire Colvin: It is said that even if a girl or a boy comes from a home with two loving  parents and straight A's, it is still possible to be called ugly. It doesn't  mean that a teenager from a home of abuse or separated parents or confusion doesn't apply to this. Credit is given to those poor souls; sometimes more in quantity than a soul with a happy life. Most teenagers act upon the sympathy, and make it worse. Others truly feel it, even when they don't have to. A teenger from a hard life doesn't have to be sympathized. They can have a healthier self-esteem than that of a teenager with a good life.

Usually teenagers finally discover themselves through religion, but some teenagers don't have that luxury. The biggest degradation in confidence is through relationships, or trying to get into a relationship with another person.  Usually these signs tend to appear as the relationships go on:

  • Think poorly of themselves and consider themselves unworthy

  • Often select unrealistic goals or shy away from challenges

  • Tend to be pessimistic about the future

  • Operate out of a fear of rejection

  • Are typically unassertive in their interactions with others

  • Are fearful of conflict with others

  • Respond negatively to criticism or other kinds of negative feedback

  • Crave the approval of others.

  • Find it difficult to accept compliments or recognition from others

  • How can you low self esteem effect your marriage

  • (Restoring Relationships)

    Once the victims know what they are experiencing, they usually have a chance to put it in their heads and turn their feelings around, help themselves out. Sometimes they just need repetition. To have at least one friend who is willing to uplift them, hopefully they realize the truth.

    Quit denying it Nahuel. No matter how much you want to disagree with me, I'm right, and you're wrong. I have logic on my side, you have denial. How long will this last, Nahuel? Not long. You'll realize in time that you're just as good as any other guy who might love Kaylynn, or better. There's obviously a reason why she isn't with Brody or Drew or Tanner or Damon. There's obviously a reason why she chose you.

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