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Feb 21, 2011

Red Hot Coals that Burn Your Hands

OOOOH!! I'm so PISSED! I absolutely HATE my German teacher for assigning a stupid German Movie THIS freaking month. He couldn't have done it earlier? Of course not. Because he's stupid. He assigns it a week and a half before it's due for a movie contest, and our HUMONGOUS group has absolutely no time to do anything. I really wish we either a) had less people, b) ALL sacrificed plans to all do it on one long day, or c) been assigned this several months earlier.

But no. None of us can do that, because everyone has plans and likes those plans better than their grades. We were all going to do it today, a break from school. But Kaylynn got her phone taken away from her, so I was left unaware if we were doing it. Hours pass, and I find myself getting more and more nervous. I tried her facebook, nothing. I tried to even text her mom, but no answer. Finally she called me, but I didn't think anything was going to work anymore. Katie, the victim of our movie, is in Tooelle County right now with her Aunt and won't be back until eight tonight. Kelton, the criminal on trial in our movie, couldn't make it until four, and Kaylynn had to go to her dad's at six, and I didn't have a ride there. I guess Cole, our judge, could have come, but then there was the problem of Sara, our witness, who has absolutely no way of contacting her. So, both Kaylynn and I decided that we'll do it Wednesday. Kaylynn and I both hope that her mom can pick all of us up Wednesday and we can film and stuff and then get picked up by parents later on. Have I ever told you that I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE making movies?? Yeah. Mindy Christen will NEVER be a name under the director's list on a big screen movie. NEVER. Not even a little one. No. I will NOT be the director when we do a music video for math. I will NEVER be a director ever in my life. Never. Ever. Ever. You can't make me.

We have it all settled, but I'm still so freaking pissed. We have costumes, props, setting, editing, burning, scripting, all that crap that we need to do too. I doubt I have a gavel somewhere in this house........Unless I use a mallet....Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm......................... I'm done typing, sorry.


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