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Feb 8, 2011

Terminating Drama

So I decided something.

My friends should all be replaced by bland blobs that are grey. You know why? Yes, I'm sure you do. With every single extra varying personality comes some sort of Drama. Believe me when I say that, and I'm sure my readers have experienced this also. You have to admit though, if one friend wasn't so hyper or loud, then maybe you wouldn't be in a cookie theft epidemic. Just saying. If my friends were all blobs, I bet you anything that any boyfriend crap, girlfriend crap, depression, drama queen crap, stressed-out-banana crap, prejudice, judgments, and dirty thoughts would all be GONE. GONE GONE GONE! I wouldn't have to stress out when I have an upcoming test and I can't study because my friend over here is being stupid, while this friend over here is heartbroken, and that friend over there is pulling away from me... You see why they should be mindless grey blobs? They wouldn't have feet to kick me with, or arms to strangle or POKE me with, they would all have perfect, straight, white teeth. They would all be grey because that's a boring color, which will go with they zombie like boring minds. They will all be bald, so no one worries about hair-doing or appearance. They will not have facial blemishes except for oozing blobness that they will naturally all have. They will not care about how they feel, look, or see things, and they will ALL listen to me when I have problems. They will be my blobby pets, awaiting requests from me for their service of listening and being boring. They will all have pencils so they can write down in sloppy handwriting what I tell them to write. Say I'm in a writing mood, yet I don't want to actually type or write anything. I'll make them do it, then read it back to me in a monotonous voice. Yes, I very much like this idea. At lunch they will sit around me and eat averagely medium-speed so that we will neither be early, nor late for next class. They will all have the same classes as me, so I will not feel left out.

And to be honest, I'd have a TON of blobby friends....(I can't stop making friends >.<)

But I have also decided something.

My friends should all stay the same and never change. You know why? Yes, I'm sure you do. Because with every little detail that makes up every little personality, I find that I love them more and more for who they are. Each and every little quirk is smiled upon by me, even if that means having to deal with crap that comes from that tiny little quirk. The boyfriend crap, girlfriend crap, depression, drama queen crap, stressed-out-banana crap, prejudice, judgments, and dirty thoughts are all what makes up my life with my friends. I'll never escape it, and I'll never want to escape it. You know the friend being stupid over here? Or this friend that's heartbroken over here? Or maybe that friend that's breaking away from me over there? I don't mind, because it's that sort of thing that will make me think to myself and say, "Hey, that's how they are. I either accept it, or go through more drama to prevent it." My choice. Of course, the drama is what will stress me out and make me question who I am and what I'm doing, but I believe that this is how it's suppose to be. Me and my cousin both are going through this. So I won't have it any other way. That's how I want all my friends to feel. One might not like the way she looks, and one might not give a crap on how he looks. Another might be too loud and obnoxious for too many to handle, while another is mellow and quiet and hard to talk to. Either way, I'm the balancing fulcrum between the two weights. Dramatic times and Desirable friendships. However, this lever system is simple and will always be used, so wish me luck, because I'm taking a plunge into a new attitude and embracing my friends the way they are, no matter what. can only take so much of me at a time anyway.

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